World-Class Table Tennis Program Introduced at Historic Hudson Valley Prep School

About Us

NYMA is committed to offering enrolled table tennis student-athletes the best school day, weekend, and after-school table tennis program available. Our goal is to operate a table tennis academy that enables enrolled student-athletes to maximize their table tennis potential while receiving a world class education.

Why Choose Us


World class coaching staff and unique training methods


Partner with leading Table Tennis associations, centers and sponsors


Every cadet is prepared for college with a program that is individually tailored. Qualified, conscientious teachers and small classes offer opportunities and success stories that make the NYMA educational experience so sought after and valued.


Developing future leaders is one of the unique aspects of the New York Military Academy experience. Self-discipline, leadership, and citizenship are integrated into daily life for the Corps of Cadets.

Attending and participating in NYMA’s Table Tennis Program has afforded me the avenue to participate in US Table Tennis Tournaments and Championships, compete against the best athletes in America, improving my ranking. I am currently ranked #2 in New York State and #50 overall in the United States!



At NYMA Table Tennis, you will receive outstanding coaching, peer-to-peer practice, and a challenging competitive play environment.

We offer each Student-Athlete the following:

  • A successfully proven academic
  • Superior table tennis training – physical, tactical
  • World-Class coaching
  • High-level peer-to-peer practice
  • Stiff competitive play opportunities
  • A soon-to-be-built state-of-the-art table tennis facility


Student-Athletes will:

  • Practice and play against others at a high level
  • Follow a internationally recognized coaching system known to produce world class
    athletes by rapidly building skills, agility, strength, discipline, and mental toughness.
  • Personalized goal setting and tracking.  
  • Compete each month at the nearby Westchester table tennis center, five-star
  • Join a school travel team competing at the US Open, Nationals, and Team Tournaments. 
  • Meet others and forge lifetime relationships.
  • Participate in Global Table Tennis Exchange Programs that foster goodwill and common
  • Receive a world-class high school education.  
  • College Guidance and advice.



  • #3 professional Club Korean Air Coach
  • Team and players under coaching won multiple national and international titles
  • World class player Shin Yoobin’s personal coach
  • Multiple Korea National Table Tennis Championships as a player



Mirae Asset Securities – the largest financial company in South Korea. Click here for a press release.

Westchester Table Tennis Center – Monthly 5 star Table Tennis Tournaments   

 USA Table Tennis – Enrollment in US Open, Nationals Tournaments, Safesport, Summer Programs.

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