There are many ways to give to
the New York Military Academy

"Why does NYMA need my support every year?"

Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends support the New York Military Academy of today while ensuring the school’s place in the world and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Gifts of time, talent, and resources from scores of volunteers are what set NYMA apart.  Personal relationships make the difference at NYMA… You are our greatest advocate.  

Consider volunteering or making your gift today.

In a labor intensive industry such as education, where student-to-teacher ratios are a competitive advantage, there are significant costs associated with have the best people working at the New York Military Academy.  People are NYMA’s greatest asset — and its greatest expense.

Simply put quality is expensive.  NYMA strives to offer its students programs, experiences, and a curriculum that is unparalleled – and doing that costs money.  We look to our alumni, parents, and friends to help offset the costs associated with the high-quality education that NYMA provides.

Capital Giving

Your generosity enables our cadets to immerse in a rigorous academic curriculum, a robust character education, and rise through the ranks as leaders.  NYMA students learn in an atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive. 

Your gift to the New York Military Academy gives the students and faculty of NYMA the opportunity to learn and lead with mind and spirit.

Facilities Gifts

Since 1889 NYMA has grown from an abandoned wooden hotel on thirty acres of ground to a sprawling campus of the most beautiful countryside in the world.  Pictured here is a wall of Jones Barracks going up in 1910, named in honor of our second Superintendent Col. Sebastian Jones. NYMA’s Academic Building dates back just as long, with it’s chapel dating to 1927.  Constant up-keep is necessary and essential to keep NYMA’s traditions alive as the future continues to unfold “through these portals.”

Endowment Gifts

As opposed to annual gifts, which cover yearly operating expenses, endowed funds provide long-term income to assist with all of NYMA’s needs.  Because only the income from the principal —  not the principal itself – is spent, endowed funds provide money for NYMA in perpetuity.  Endowed funds can be established for a specified purpose, or as unrestricted funds to meet the greatest needs of the school.  For more on stewardship and establishing an endowed fund call NYMA at (845)534-3710, ext. 4227.

Gift Planning

“Live on” at NYMA with a gift from your estate.  Whether giving in gratitude for your NYMA days, or to create an enduring legacy, you will ensure that the NYMA experience continues.  You may provide for NYMA through bequests, trusts, retirement fund gifts, life insurance, real estate, and other planned gifts.  No gift is too small…or too large!

No gift is too small...or too large!

Annual Giving

For more information on ways of going to support the New York Military Academy.please contact the school at (845)534-3710, ext. 4227

Ways to Give

The Best Experience Ever

Our hearts stand at attention remembering our days at NYMA

"At NYMA we learned duty."

Behind the name of the Academy there lie those more intangible assets of rich tradition, high prestige and unfailing loyalty, which are the should of any institution.  There is an esprit de corps which, instilled into the youngest cadet soon after their arrival at Cornwall, pervades the ranks of the cadet battalion and the thousands of alumni in all parts of the world.


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