Postgraduate Program

The New York Military Academy, like many college prep schools in the U.S., offers a Postgraduate (PG) Program for both domestic and international students. Traditionally, postgrad programs have been favored by athletes who are looking to gain size and skill before competing for an athletic scholarship. These college bound athletes gain the advantage of improving their GPA and SAT scores during their postgrad year. NCAA scholarship rules encourage a year of part-time college enrollment without using up a year of eligibility; sports scholarships in the U.S. are very valuable.

In addition to extra preparation both in the class and on the field, these students are also granted more time to be looked at by Division I & II coaches because they are playing more often and usually at a higher level during their PG year. For instance, NYMA recruits PG players to compete in the New England Prep School League which is the premier high school sports league in the country. We also offer more training resources for athletes than most conventional college prep schools.

Postgrad programs also help many international students for entirely different reasons. Students from foreign countries can rarely get into high quality four-year programs directly from their high school. PG programs provide a platform on which to improve English-based academic skills, develop knowledge of American style education and culture, and improve college admission scores and credentials. All of these factors result in higher rates of acceptances by higher ranked colleges. In contrast, students applying directly from their home high school frequently find college or even a junior college a challenging environment. A 70% dropout rate is not uncommon for ESL students and most never complete their degree. Based on these statistics, it is a good investment to take a year to gain further preparation especially one in a focused environment where the student will receive personalized care.

Different PG programs offer different academic options for students. Some are just making their high school curriculum accessible to older students while other programs are actually closer to junior colleges. At the New York Military Academy, we combine college classes from the State University of New York with our own college prep program to offer a full range of options for students at different levels of English proficiency. Students who participate in this program get exactly what they need and can move from our ESL program to college credit classes as soon as they pass the entrance tests. Meanwhile, these students continuously improve their college prospects through our college office and through our coaches and mentors.

Lastly, even though our PG students are not involved in the military aspects of the campus, they are supervised a little more than in conventional programs due to the sheltered environment of a military school campus.

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