The NYMA Difference

Teachers at NYMA have been dedicated for over a century to help inspire young men and women toward becoming people of substance who make a difference in the world around them. Like many classic boarding school formats, NYMA faculty members have the opportunity and responsibility to seek out teachable moments both in and out of the classroom. They participate in the afternoon programs as coaches or program leaders and as mentors in the dorms and residence halls. The NYMA Difference lies in the fact that cadets are educated using an expeditionary curriculum delivered within the military model. This allows the students to experience more peer leadership opportunity, accountability, and structure than in other independent schools. The process is beneficial to the cadets and at the same time offers a unique pedagogical advantage to NYMA teachers. The partnership between the military leadership on campus and the academic faculty provides the NYMA educator a unique and powerful opportunity to participate in the development of young leaders and capable scholars from around the world.

Similar to other independent day and boarding schools, the young people who arrive at NYMA are by no means finished products on day one. The job of helping individual cadets realize their aspirations and potential as leaders is as challenging as it is inspiring. But at NYMA there is a long history of strong and resilient adult leadership on campus with many teachers and staff devoting decades and even lifetimes to our mission. There is no doubt that the NYMA Difference offers a real opportunity for dedicated and capable educators to build both an outstanding quality of life as a professional and an extraordinary career as an educator.

We currently do not have any teaching openings. Please check back later!

NYMA is an equal opportunity employer. All candidates must complete a pre-employment background screening.

New York Military Academy will neither discriminate against nor grant a preference to any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, sex, medical veteran status, or disabling condition in the operation of its employment, promotion, compensation, or evaluation policies.