New York Military Academy

The School of Distinction

A message from

the Superintendent

The New York Military Academy has a strong foundation in educating leaders, they are cadets of the Corps.  Students of character, you are the pillars by which we move forward. During your time here at NYMA you build your foundation through your academic achievements, character development, athletics, and cadet leadership.  Naturally, at any phase in your life change will be unsettling.  It is understandable for it opens up uncertainty.  As many of you know Superintendent Reeves has announced, that due to recent health concerns, she needed to retire from her post as NYMA’s nineteenth superintendent.  Her love for the Academy remained unwavering and her dedication to you unyielding.  Her departure from the New York Military Academy may seem to bring a void, but I am here to assure you that this is not the case.

I am certain that you look upon me as a stranger.  Who is this person sent to be NYMA’s Acting Superintendent?  My name is Dr. Jin Xu and I assure you I am among your greatest advocates.  I am an entrepreneur, having earned my Ph.D. from the University of Texas.  Committed to recognizing possibility were others do not, a friend of mine once asked me to go to a school in Cornwall-on-Hudson.  It was this school, I was asked to see if NYMA had the potential to be great again.  I remember vividly my drive to the Academy, and upon my arrival I recognized immediately there was something special here.  I recommended to my friend, Mr. Vincent Mo, that he invest in this school because it had not only a distinguished history, but the potential to be great again in the future. 


In 2016 I was the Chief Financial Officer and Acting Superintendent of the New York Military Academy.  I helped NYMA get back on its feet and after it was safely under the direction of a new Superintendent, took a seat on its Board of Trustees, as treasurer and secretary.  Since that first visit in 2016 I have never lost sight of what NYMA can be.  I see it is heading in the right direction and I am here to build our program with the aid of your dedicated administration, faculty, and staff.  We are all committed to seeing NYMA grow. 

That brings me back to those pillars.  What is a pillar?  Its definition is “a firm upright support for a superstructure.” That is, you, you are the pillars that support and give strength to this Academy.  Sometimes pillars need to stand alone, as a monument.  Some of you in leadership may think you have had that role placed on your shoulders, carrying the legacy of the academy on your backs.  Pillars are integral to the support of society, philosophy, and direction.  The NYMA Cadet is the pillar that gives our school its foundation, strength, and focus and I am here to say that you are my number one priority for this school, as the Academy is only as strong as its Corps of Cadets.

The Board of Trustees

2020-2021 Board of Trustees


Joah Sapphire, President

Vincent Mo, Secretary and Treasurer

David Mortimer

Jie Zhang

Mei Ye

Jin Xu, Acting Superintendent