Please note that the school policy can be changed from time to time. Please contact the admission office (admissions@) about the most updated policy.

1. All students with the rank of Cadet or higher may bring personal cell phones to campus and
maintain them on their person.

2. New cadets will turn in their phones upon arrival at NYMA to the TAC on duty for the duration of New Cadet Training and the phones may only be used when designated by the TAC. They will receive their phone back upon recognition as a cadet.

3. Before cadets can carry and/or use their cell phone they will be required to acknowledge that they understand and will comply with the stipulations below:

A. Cadets are only allowed to display and/or use their cell phone during authorized times
throughout the day. These times are:
1) after ESP until lights out, but usage will not interfere with evening duty
2) after school on Friday until 3rd Mess on Sunday unless involved in a supervised

B. At all other times, cadets need permission of an adult in charge to use their cell phones
for any reason.

C. Parents or the school administration may ask that access to a cadet’s cell phone be further

D. While using their phone, cadets are prohibited from:
1) Taking, viewing, or storing inappropriate or unauthorized images, or video.
2) Using the phone to access websites restricted to minors or to participate in any
action that might be considered harassment, bullying, or violation of privacy.
3) Allowing others to use their phones except in an emergency.

E. Violations of the cellphone policy will result in:
1) First time offense - phone privileges will be revoked for 7 days and phone will be
secured in the TAC office.
2) Second time offense - phone privileges will be revoked for 30 days and phone will
be secured in the TAC office.
3) Third time offense - phone privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the school year and will also be subject to punishment for conduct unbecoming a cadet – a Class I Offense. Phone will be secured in the TAC office and returned when the cadet leaves for summer break.
4) If a cadet fails to surrender their phone to a NYMA faculty member when asked to do so,
the violation is raised to a Class I Offense.