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NYMA Parents

We want to extend a warm welcome to all families, new and returning!

In light of the challenges presented by the pandemic, many in this community feel a sense of comfort in the traditions and rhythms of NYMA life.  We are eager to return to, celebrate, and discover those moments that define the NYMA Experience as we begin a new academic year together. 

As parents you play a key role in the success your cadet will have as a member of the New York Military Academy Corps of Cadets.  We respect this responsibility and want to assist you providing effective guidance that the cadet can use to make good decisions.

Studies show that a student’s level of performance is significantly higher when their parents and family members engage in an informed way.  First and foremost, that means listening to their concerns, reminding them that you have confidence that they can navigate their challenges and then providing them with the encouragement to support their education and cadet experience.

On this site, you will find ways to be involved as a volunteer through the Parents Auxiliary, upcoming parent events, log-in to Parent Portal where you can view your cadet’s class schedule, cadres, and teacher’s comments, and ways to support NYMA through a donation.

If you have any questions or need information we don’t have online yet, don’t hesitate to call us at 845-534-3710 or email us a parents@nyma.org 

Enjoying life in the Hudson Valley

Furlough, Leave, & Pass Authorization

Enjoy Some Together

Furloughs are extended periods when all cadets MUST lead the Academy.  All Academy facilities are CLOSED.  Please refer to the Academy calendar for the specific Furlough dates and times.  Cadets requiring transportation to and from airports must submit itineraries 14 days in advance.

Furlough, including departure and return times, are sent to parents in the weekly newsletter and are shown on the School Calendar (above).  If you have doubts regarding these times, please call the Superintendent’s Office at 845-534-3710, ext. 4227.  Cadets are also made aware of the return time for each weekend and furlough.  If it is absolutely necessary to pick your cadet up earlier than the published departure time, prior approval must be obtained from the Commandant.

The Perfect Surrounding

Want to connect with family in New York City or go visit a friend?  You may but remember weekend leaves are a privilege and not a right.  Leave is normally overnight and may be authorized during “OPEN” weekends.

A cadet must be academically proficient (no D’s or F’s or on Academic Restriction) and militarily proficient (no Punishment Tours) to be authorized to leave.

Shopping, Eating, and Exploring Cornwall

If parents authorize cadets to leave campus they may walk to neighboring restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and parks in the town of Cornwall and the village of Cornwall-on-Hudson.  Passes are authorized in the towns of Cornwall-on-Hudson and Cornwall only.  Cadets will be required to sign out and in, and visit town in groups of four.  The cadets may not visit town without a Cadet Corporal or above in charge.

A Cadet must be academically proficient (no D’s or F’s or on Academic Restriction) and militarily profit (No Punishment Tours to be authorized to leave.

Parent Quick Contact & Useful Information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon enrollment students are assigned an Academy email address.  The address is usually made up of some form of the user’s name followed by “@nyma.org”. The email address information for your child is available in the Parent Portal.

You may send any mail or packages to your child c/o the New York Military Academy 78 Academy Avenue, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York 12520

If you need to share unpleasant news with your child who is a boarder, we strongly suggest that you alert your child’s TAC office prior to, or soon after, contacting your child.  If you do this, there will be someone here who can check on how your child is doing and offer support.

Prior to enrollment, students may contact the Dean of Academics Office to discuss any questions they may have about their course requirements and selections.  Once matriculated, students should discuss any plans or changes in their academic program with their advisors.  For more complicated situations or specific concerns about academic planning, students should contact the Dean of Academics for additional information.  Students can check their progress toward meeting diploma requirements by accessing their grade book in Rediker.

If a boarder is not feeling well enough to attend classes or other required appointments, the student must report to the health center.  After evaluation and treatment — if  deemed appropriate — the student will be given a place to rest until feeling well enough to return to classes.  Cadets may not stay in the barracks while ill.  If the severity of the illness is such that they must go home, parents will be contacted and arrang

If students would like to request permission to miss a class or a sporting/team event or to be late for check-in because of a special event, it is necessary to request permission from the Dean.  In order to do so, your contact the Dean’s office at least seven days prior to the date of the event.

We understand the need for cadets to be with their families and close friends when there is a family emergency, such as a death in the family.  If such circumstances arise, please contact the Dean’s office.  We will help you to make arrangements for your child’s return home.  You do not need to petition for your child to miss classes during an emergency.  

Please note that there is often a tension at these difficult times between the student’s need to attend classes and the need to be at home with family and friends.  When appropriate, we will do our best to ease that tension by excusing absences, obtaining assignments to be done at home, or extending deadlines for work.  However, it is important that your child not be away too long, as it will only make the eventual return to school more stressful if too much work is missed.

We monitor cadet attendance closely and have a strict standard for unexcused absences with cadets subject to disciplinary action.  

We also monitor the number of excused absences.  Whether due to college visits, time spent at home or in the health center due to illness or personal emergency, or approval by the Dean, several absences can create a cumulative drag on one’s academic performance.  If we notice a cadet is accumulating excessive absences, either the advisor or the Dean will have a discussion with the cadet, and perhaps the cadet’s parents, with the goal of learning how we might best support regular class attendance.

In addition, there is a withhold of credit for a course from any cadet who has missed more than 20% of the scheduled class meetings in a term.  In extreme cases, the Academy may require a medical leave of absence.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s attendance record, please contact your child’s adviser or the Dean.

Barrack assignments are made by rank and grade, with New Cadets housed separately  during their training.  

Students may not have pets in the barracks.

There is very limited storage for boarding students to store personal belongings over the summer.  Each student is provided a foot locker in which to store items.  TAC officers organize the summer storage.

NYMA assumes no responsibility for personal property lost or damaged while in the storage facilities during the summer or school year.  If a large amount of personal belongings need to be stored, the cadet should search online for local storage facilities. 

When there is a problem with the building, your cadet should report the problem to the building custodian, adviser, or TAC officer.  Cadet’s should not “sit on” problems.  We want to know if something is not working or is broken.

Because the barracks are in use during the summer months and there is so much to do to prepare for the fall term, we are not able to open the dorms for previews.  If you have any urgent questions about he barracks, please call the Commandant.  Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you on opening day.

Many new cadets (and some returning cadets) experience some level of homesickness.  The following are some ways that a parent or guardian can help a cadet over this hurdle:

Assure your child that it is natural, common experience over which your child has a good deal of control.

Your child should plan to bring a little bit of home to school: a favorite poster, that old stuffed animal, and pictures of special places and people are all great ways to ease the transition. 

Please speak to your child’s TAC officer or advisor to talk about what you are hearing or seeing.  Oftentimes, especially when new to school, cadets do not feel comfortable sharing their feeling with faculty.  Instead, they put on a happy face and tell us that everything is “fine.”  Please let us know if everything is not “fine.”

Encourage your cadet to get involved in activities.There are many exciting opportunities on campus, and keeping busy is a great treatment for homesickness.

Help your cadet focus on the things that are enjoyable here at school: favorites classes, new friends, or unique opportunities that a boarding school can provide.

It may be overwhelming for a cadet feeling homesick to think about a whole year, so help your child break the year down into manageable parts.  For example: Open Weekends, Thanksgiving Furlough, Winter Furlough, Spring Furlough are all events that will arrive much sooner than the end of the school year.

Day students are very much a part of everyday life at the Academy.  They, like all students, are equal participants in classroom, athletic, military, and extracurricular endeavors. 

Yes, students who are licensed drivers may drive to school.  Cadets must check in and out of school daily.


Day students may not drive a boarder unless the boarder is an overnight visitor in your home with the proper written permission submitted to the Academy.

Cell phones are not permitted during the academic day.  Please call the school at 845-534-3710, ext. 4262 and we will make sure that the message gets to your cadet.  If it is an emergency we will locate your cadet as quickly as possible to return the call.