Girls Volleyball

The Lady Knights returned to the volleyball court on Tuesday at home against Faith Christian. They were all smiles as they gave it their all against FCA. Although they came up short against the 3-time defending HVAL Champs, it was a huge first step to bringing back a great program. Congratulations and good luck this season! Go Knights!!!


Volleyball is Back!

Girls Volleyball officially kicks off tomorrow (10/16) here at NYMA versus Faith Christian Academy at 4:30 pm. Come swing by the gym to support our Lady Knights!

Sports Recap (10/15)

On Wednesday, October 10th the NYMA Knights Soccer team (3-6 overall, 2-3 HVAL) played host to Woodstock. The game was a great outing as Cadet Jeannot Basima finished with four goals. Basima really made an impact on the game as did the following cadets: Thapelo Shika, Remy Sykes, Bob Weng, and Zamere McKenzie. They each scored goals resulting in an 8-4 NYMA victory. Our young goaltender, Cadet Felix Fan, had a great learning experience and is still acclimating himself to the position. Senior Cadet goalie Bill He took over and put NYMA in a great position to win the match.

Also on Wednesday, the NYMA Cross Country team was in action but this time they had home field advantage as they hosted an HVAL Invitational meet. It was a great competition and the overall field consisted of 100 runners. The schools that were in attendance were Storm King, Faith Christian Academy, Poughkeepsie Day School, Marvelwood, Oakwood Friends, Harvey, EF Academy, Woodhall, and Woodstock. Junior Cadet Matthew Montes stole the show once again coming in 1st place for the third straight meet. Cadet Karif Isaacs finished in 9th place and freshmen Cadet Alex Deluccia finished in 10th. Cadets Xavier Gibbs (20th), Josh Antoine (22th) and Justin Bonsu (30th) all finished in the top 30. The Knights had a nice team showing as well as they came in 2nd place overall out of the ten schools who competed.

Go Knights!

Cadet Creativity (10/15)

Our Middle School Art class finished up their color drawing projects under the theme of “Fact or Fiction”.

1. Cadet Salameh created this mixed media of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by fireworks.

Our Studio Art class is finishing up their color project.

2. Cadet Kratman created this mixed media piece using colored pencil and chalk pastel.

3. Cadet Vinerte completed her large black & white assignment and included poems and observational sketches with conte crayon, charcoal, and drawing pencils.


Cadet Creativity (10/2)

Our Studio Art classes are wrapping up their first project. They have begun getting their artwork “display-ready” as well as offering constructive critiques using our TAG method: Tell them what you like using elements and principles of art, Ask a helpful question, and Give advice.
To the left cadets work on their critiques, self-assessments, and adding a border to finalize their work. Cadet Ren (above) shades in his soldier using drawing pencils. He made practice sketches and tweaked the proportions of the body before moving on to his final piece. Cadet DeLuccia created this pencil drawing below of a snowy scene based on the work of an artist that uses black and white to create landscapes.


Sports Recap (10/2)

On Monday, 9/24, our Knights played host to HVAL opponent and rival, Poughkeepsie Day School. During the game, there were many opportunities for our offensive players to score on PDS, but their goalie proved to be better than most we have faced so far. PDS won the game by the score of 3-1 but the Most Valuable Player of the game was Cadet Mickey Urso. He showed pure skill, determination, and great character leading his teammates. Other notable players included cadets Jeannot Basima, Remy Sykes, and Alvin Lukose.
On Wednesday, 9/26, the Knights traveled to Chase Collegiate in Connecticut. NYMA lost by the score of 0-7 but had a strong effort from a number of cadets including Mickey Urso and Jeannot Basima. Despite the score, senior goalie Bill He continued to show improvement and had a couple of big saves. The Knights are back in action on Saturday, 9/28 at home versus HVAL opponent, Marvelwood, at 3:00 pm.
Cross Country was off from competition this week due to weather-related issues. It was a very wet week and made some of the courses dangerous for the runners. They will be back in action next Wednesday for an HVAL Invitational at Storm King (2:30pm Course Walk, 3:15 pm Start) and then again on Saturday as they head to Darrow (3:15 Course Walk, 3:45 pm Start) for another HVAL Invitational. Darrow is a later start due to the SAT exam scheduled for next Saturday morning. Go Knights!

New Cadet Parade

Congratulations to all of the cadets who were officially recognized into the Corpse of Cadets during the New Cadet Parade that was held this past Saturday. Welcome to the Corps!

For more pictures from the event, please visit: Facebook Album: 2018 New Cadet Parade

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