NYMA College Fair

Last week NYMA hosted a Mini College Fair which featured 12 college representatives who came to speak with our cadets about what their schools have to offer. The representatives shared information on their respective colleges and they also talked about study abroad opportunities, internships, special programs, and their admissions processes (especially valuable information for international student applicants).

The colleges in attendance included: Alma College, Arizona State University, Cedar Crest College, Clayton State University, Fairfield University, Felician College, Kent State University, Moravian College, Rochester Institute of Technology, University at Buffalo SUNY, University of New Haven, West Liberty University, and Westminster College.

Cadets at West Point

This past Wednesday, Cadets Matthew Knorpp, Alvin Lukose, Remy Sykes, Joseph Xu, Michael Yusupov, and Robin Zhao attended a Leadership and Character Conference at West Point with MSG Bailey and school counselor Sarah Magno. These sophomores and juniors were selected from among the Corps to represent NYMA at this event of more than 100 students from 12 different schools.

The event, hosted by the West Point Society of the Mid-Hudson, focused on the sharing of ideas and knowledge between local student leaders to help grow a culture of positive character development in their schools. Students attended seminars led by West Point Leadership and Cadets. They discussed various aspects of leadership as well as moral-ethical values and actionable plans to take back to their schools.

Our cadets were great representatives of NYMA and we are very proud of them. They will be working on a presentation to share with the Corps of Cadets this Wednesday and will discuss some of the topics covered. The six selected cadets also received a MSG Bailey tour of Trophy Point and got a chance to see part of the chain that was floated across the Hudson River during the Revolutionary War!

Cadet Creativity (4/14)

1. Cadet Ricks created a linoleum block print inspired by superheroes.

2. Cadet Isaacs finished up his ceramics project by creating a polymer clay apple which he painted with acrylic paint. Cadet Isaacs used a real apple to create realistic bite marks.

3. Cadet Graham created a Dahlia using our wood-burning pen and watercolors.




Sports Recap (4/13)

This week we kicked off our Spring Sports Season here at NYMA as the Boys Tennis Team led by Head Coach Nate Dimmie started off the season strong on Wednesday. The Knights won an HVAL match over Faith Christian Academy by the final score of 9-0. NYMA swept the sets in 2 matches including Robin Zhou in fifth singles and Brandon Fooks and Simon Lin in second doubles.

The Knights had a great start in the match with 6 convincing wins in singles action. Matthew Montes posted a 10-1 win in the top spot, Brandon Fooks won in second singles 10-3, and Simon Lin won 10-5 in the third position. Freshman Gol Svartz gave NYMA its fourth victory posting another 10-1 set. In fifth position Robin Zhou provided the only 10-0 victory of the match. In the sixth spot eighth grader Adam Sun, NYMA Tennis’ “youngest man”, won 10-1.

The doubles matches kept the momentum going with Montes and Svartz winning 8-1 in the first spot, Fooks and Lin posting an 8-0 win in second, and Robin and Sun winning 8-1 in third doubles. To see pictures of the matches, please visit: Facebook album: Tennis vs Faith Christian

The NYMA Ultimate Frisbee team led by Head Coach Forrest Gordon was in action this week as well. They had their first game of the year this Wednesday against Oakwood Friends School. The Knights are full of newcomers to the sport this year but are led by veteran player and team captain, Nigel Petti-Fernandez. The Knights got off to a slow start before gaining some momentum in the middle of the game as Captain Petti-Fernandez and cutter Will Mayfield found an offensive rhythm. Cadet Kris Wu played tough defense that led to turnovers. Many newcomers gained valuable game experience throughout the afternoon. The Knights wound up losing the game 6-15 but played hard and showed good signs of the abilities that they will work to develop throughout the season! To see pictures of the match, please visit: Facebook album: Ultimate Frisbee vs Faith Christian

Today the Boys Tennis Team is back in action here on campus as they get set to take on Poughkeepsie Day School at 4:00 pm. On Saturday the Ultimate Frisbee Team plays host to the defending HVAL champions Marvelwood at 2:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

Cadet Creativity (4/7)

1. Matthew Montes created a plaster cast by applying gauze to his face and filling the cavity with plaster. After it dried, Cadet Montes painted it gold with a red drip.

2. Gal Svartz meticulously works on his extinction/conservation themed art project by experimenting with the wood-burning pen.

3. Charlie Dong finished his paper mache cargo plane for his sculpture project and hung it up in the main lobby of the Academic Building.


Cadets Visit St. Luke’s

This past Wednesday NYMA Cadets received a warm welcome from the staff at the St. Luke’s Hospital Birthing Center and Pediatric Unit. With the help of Ms. Hill, several students handmade beautiful fleece blankets to donate to the hospital. Students also baked and sold Valentine’s Day cookiegrams to raise the money for the fabric. The cadets were then given a tour of the various departments that would benefit from the students’ work.

Wright Hall Renovation

Wright Hall was built in 1915 and was a barracks for most of last century. About 30 years ago it stopped being used and fell into disrepair. We are now faced with a choice to knock it down or rebuild. This is always a difficult decision especially for a building rich in history.

To start moving forward in one direction or another, we have begun to raise money for an initial assessment through structural drawings which seek to provide temporary stabilization of the structure and to stop water from entering the building. The overall cost of the renovation is daunting, but much less than to build afresh. We will update you on our progress at the end of the summer.

Cadet Creativity

The cadets have been busy in their various art classes and we think you’ll agree…the results are outstanding!

1. Our cadets in Studio Art worked with clay to create pieces that represented “Body”. Ethan Hassane created a pond within an Altoid tin using polymer clay and resin. Serena Yang created an anatomical model of a head out of air-dry clay and acrylic paint. Robin Zhou created a model of the Japanese character, Totoro, using air-dry clay and acrylic paint. William Mayfield created a turtle out of polymer clay.

2. Cadets in Studio Art also finished up “Identity” in textiles. The cadets learned to sew, weave, and embroider to create these pieces. Woven Nike headband by Josh Antoine. Bart Simpson embroidery by Sara Elhouti. Stuffed plushie based on a video game character by Robin Zhou. Airborne patch by Michael Yusupov. Woven piece by Matthew Montes.

3. Zhengkun Yang created this elaborately woven tapestry.

4. In Middle School Art, Michael Zelenger is currently using the grid method of drawing to accurately represent his dog. This method is championed by the artist Chuck Close.