NYMA’s Co-Ed Experience

The New York Military Academy has been a co-educational campus since 1975. We actively outreach to exceptional, young women to join our Corps of Cadets because of our commitment to modeling an environment for female leaders to thrive.

NYMA has an excellent track record of training and educating such leaders. The majority of our current faculty is female including our Superintendent and Dean of Academics. As a result, we mirror this inclusive environment across our Corps of Cadets and ensure our students are learning from effective powers of example.

We believe NYMA is an ideal place for young females to grow and develop and we take this responsibility very seriously. As a military school with strong athletic resources, we provide the perfect setting for young women to nurture their athletic talents. We promote and maintain a culture that focuses on developing such ideals as character, cooperation, and compassion. NYMA feels this development philosophy enables our cadets to flourish and grow across their own lines of interest free from traditional pressures.

Merit-based scholarships are available for female cadets; please visit our growing campus and find out more!

Weekly Sports Recap (2/16/18)

On Saturday, 2/10, The Varsity Basketball Team (15-3) played host to Marvelwood in an HVAL matchup. NYMA won by a score of 68-27. The Knights were led by Zamere McKenzie and Will Mayfield who each scored 21 points. Mayfield also added 10 rebounds. Zaahir Woody had 12 points, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds. Branden Evans scored 9.

The following day Varsity Basketball hosted Redemption Christian Academy and won 81-58. The Knights were again led by a strong performance by Will Mayfield who finished with 25 points, 3 blocks, and 18 rebounds. Zaahir Woody also had a great game; he had 22 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 blocks, and 5 steals. Zamere McKenzie had 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Branden Evans and Karif Isaacs each had 7 points while Josh Antoine and Mickey Urso finished with 5 points each.

On Sunday the JV Team also took on Redemption Christian Academy. They lost by the score of 42-56. NYMA was led by Andrew Weng who scored 16 points and Ethan Hassane who finished with 13.

On Monday both the JV and Varsity Basketball Teams traveled to Poughkeepsie Day School. JV won by the score of 52-28. The young Knights team were again led by Andrew Weng with 18 points and Ethan Hassane with 14 points.

The Varsity Team beat Poughkeepsie Day School by the score of 91-47. NYMA was led by Mickey Urso who finished with a game-high 33 points. The Knights also got solid contributions from Zaahir Woody who had 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists and Will Mayfield who had 14 points and 14 rebounds. Branden Evans and Josh Antoine each added 7 points. David Pinto Ricardo had 8 rebounds.

Wednesday was a big day for NYMA Athletics as we had most of our teams in action. Wrestling was at Marvelwood, Bowling took on Faith Christian Academy, and JV and Varsity Basketball both took the five-mile trip down 9W to renew a friendly rivalry with Storm King.

NYMA Bowling was defeated by Faith Christian Academy in both matches. The first match the Knights lost 96-124, 111-116. Standout bowlers in this first match were Jason Zheng, Alex Huang, and Zhengkun Yang. In the second match NYMA was defeated 102-151, 93-111. Leading the way for NYMA in this second match were Mandy Wang, Alex Huang, and Adam Sun.

JV Basketball fell to Storm King 28-38. The Knights were led by Andrew Weng with 14 points and Bill He with 6 points. Varsity Basketball was able to pull off a win against Storm King in what was an intense atmosphere on the road. The gym was packed and our Color Guard made the trip to present the Colors. The cheerleaders also were at the game and did a great job stirring up the crowd and rooting for the Knights. We also had a special cheering section led by Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Mango, and Dr. Webb. NYMA defeated Storm King by the score of 78-58. Zaahir Woody had 26 points while Will Mayfield and Zamere McKenzie both scored 17. Branden Evans finished with 11 points, Mickey Urso had 7 points, and Karif Isaacs scored 4.  The Varsity Team is now an impressive 18-3!

Is Your Child Awake in Class?

We have been restoring our cadets sleep/wake cycle which is essential for learning. To do this, we ensure adequate exercise each day, we turn off internet access after lights out, and require students to live without their electronics until they are promoted. We have a strict schedule and require cadets to wake-up by 6:30 am.

One area where we have not always been successful is in limiting cell phone usage at night. Our Cadet Manual specifically prohibits the use of cell phones during nighttime hours and we do restrict access when possible. Parents can help! Major cell phone carriers now allow you to control your child’s access to data at night from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.  Please help your child get a good night’s sleep. Thanks!

Weekly Sports Recap (2/9/18)

It was a very hectic week for sports here at NYMA as weather played a major role in some of our scheduled contests. Wrestling, bowling, and JV basketball all had matches and games canceled due to weather-related issues. We will make up all of these cancellations so please stay tuned for updates.

The Varsity Basketball Team took a road trip this weekend to play national powerhouses, Putnam Science and Springfield Commonwealth. On Saturday, 2/3, they beat Putnam Science by a close score of 92-90. Zaahir Woody recorded a triple-double and led NYMA with 32 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists. Zamere McKenzie had 20 points while Will Mayfield had 19 points and 21 rebounds. Josh Antoine had a huge second half in which he scored all of his 10 points. Brandon Evans also helped out in the NYMA win by contributing 8 points.

On Sunday Varsity (13-3) played Springfield Commonwealth and lost a tight game by the score of 61-62. The Knights were led by Zaahir Woody with 16 points, 6 steals, and 5 assists. Brandon Evans finished with 17 points while Zamere McKenzie added 13 points and 10 rebounds. Will Mayfield added 8 points and 10 rebounds while Josh Antoine scored 7.

On Thursday, 2/8, the Varsity Basketball Team hosted Poughkeepsie Day School in an HVAL matchup. NYMA dominated the game winning by the score of 81-31. The Knights were led by Zaahir Woody with 20 points and Will Mayfield with 16 points. Karif Isaacs added 12 and did a great job controlling the tempo of the game. Brandon Evans and Zamere McKenzie both finished with 8 points. Mickey Urso scored 6 while Josh Antoine and Nigel Petti-Fernandez each had 5 points. For pictures of the game, please visit: Facebook Album: Basketball vs Poughkeepsie Day.

Honors Program Announced

Announcing the opening of the New York Military Academy Honors Program for 2018-19.

New York Military Academy has educated elite leaders in business, military, politics, and the arts for over a century. Today this requires a stronger secondary education than ever before. In order to teach at this elevated standard, NYMA offers small class sizes with increased personal attention. In addition, this year’s students will be taking AP exams in Computer Science, Calculus, Psychology, Government, Mandarin, and Chemistry.

For even more advanced courses next year, we are adding a full year of courses from the SUNY curriculum. These courses are normally part of our Post-Graduate Program, but advanced high school students, who can meet SUNY requirements, can also take advantage of them and earn college credit. Finally, for grades 6-10 we are building a unique honors program with classes and activities independent of the rest of the campus.

As we build and expand these programs, we expect to further strengthen our reputation for training exceptional students who often advance to well-recognized universities on scholarship or attend the National Service Academies.

Apply now for complete consideration. International applicants are welcome. Partial scholarships for all qualified applicants are available for ages 14-16.

Click to apply today.


In the late 19th century when the New York Military Academy was formed, military high schools were a popular career gateway to the service academies and a promising military career. After the Vietnam War, hundreds of military schools began to fall on hard times because some of the pride associated with the military was lost. Today the New York Military Academy is the only military secondary school left in the Northeast. Recently, military schools are receiving renewed attention in part because they have something important to offer beyond a career gateway.

When President Trump won the Republican nomination and the national election, many journalists visited his alma mater, the New York Military Academy. They wanted to find out what is special about a secondary military school. Many said their audiences don’t know about military schools because they don’t have these types of academies in their region of the country. Across the U.S. it seems few people know about the value of military schools. Most people incorrectly assume that military schools are similar to reform schools and are just one step away from prison. As a child they might have been threatened with a common parental admonishment: “Misbehave like that again and you will be going to military school!” In this way military schools have received an undeserved poor reputation as a place primarily of discipline. Parents might also think of them as institutions where behavioral problems are addressed so cadets can then be marched off to combat. This is certainly not true of military academies today.

The founder of the NYMA, Charles Jefferson Wright, assembled a great staff in the 1890’s. They consisted mainly of graduates from Yale who were committed to train future military officers before they entered West Point or another service academy. By the 1920’s however, the New York Military Academy was no longer just focusing on educating cadets for a future military career. Most of the students went on to study at a university so the academy refocused on promoting “The Six C’s”. The Six C’s are core values that empower students to achieve their goals and the goals of our community. These values are summarized below:

Confidence – empowering students to try hard to succeed

Character – holding cadets to high standards for behavior even in challenging conditions

Craft – forcing ourselves to pay attention to detail and earn the respect of a community

Cooperation – learning to complete tasks using all available resources as a team

Compassion – stepping up to help others in need

Control – aligning behavior with long term goals – first with regard to oneself and then as a team leader

Cadets are trained to lead by these principles in the classroom, the workshop, the parade grounds, the sports fields, and the barracks. These behavioral and emotional values are instilled through an effective teaching approach that is popular today. Our students become well-developed through a classical almost Platonic approach to holistic education. This approach includes demanding academics (especially in science, creative arts, engineering, and math), a wide range of athletics and community service, and frequent leadership experience.

Peer to peer teaching, vertical mentoring, and authentic contexts make up the lifeblood of a military campus. Cadets are shaped not just by teachers and staff, but by the feedback from their own peers. As a result, they quickly mature into successful adults.

Schools are designed to make dreams come true; an aspiration of all, but a quality of few. Ironically, at a time when many potential parents are not considering military academies for their children, the Six C’s described above are now incredibly popular values for educators. This popularity stems from the empowerment they provide all students and that empowerment is the first major step in making dreams a reality.

At the New York Military Academy, we hold dear our standing as the American military school with the highest academic standards and a history of training leaders in politics, business, and the arts. Yet, above all else, we believe that the cultivation of the Six C’s in our cadets is our strongest claim to providing an excellent educational value whether you come from down the road or across the globe.

Hope to see you soon,

Jonathan Gastel

Assistant Superintendent, New York Military Academy

Open House This Saturday

There will be an Open House at NYMA this Saturday, February 10th from 10:00 am to approximately 1:00 pm. Families will join in an informal meet and greet with the academy’s staff, enjoy a presentation by the Superintendent, and be shown around campus by the cadets. Interviews of prospective cadets will be conducted throughout the day.

Please contact Admissions to RSVP at or 845-534-3710

Hope to see you there!

Cadet Beller On-Air

Cadet Captain Amanda Beller was interviewed on the radio twice this past Thursday morning along with our Admissions Director, John Dolan.

Cadet Beller spoke about her experiences as a female student at the academy (where she is the third highest-ranked cadet) and her future goals of Navy ROTC and Aerospace Engineering. She said that you have to set the bar high if you want to achieve big goals (she is in the process of being accepted to Princeton).

Both of Captain Beller’s interviews with Fox Radio can be seen on our Facebook page:

Weekly Sports Recap (2/3/18)

On Friday, 1/26 the Varsity Basketball Team played Faith Christian in a HVAL Matchup. NYMA won 92-44 and were led by a balanced scoring attack. Brandon Evans led the team with 23 points while Zaahir Woody had 20. Mickey Urso and Zamere McKenzie contributed 10 points each while Will Mayfield scored 9 points. Josh Antoine and Karif Isaacs each had 7 points and Nigel Petti-Fernandez finished with 4.

The JV Basketball Team also took on Faith Christian on 1/26 and lost by the score of 63-52. The young Knights were led by Andrew Wang who scored 17 points. Simon Chen finished with 13 points while Henri Racine added 10. Ethan Hassane also scored 8 points.

On Saturday, 1/27 the Varsity Boys (9-2) played host to Carson Long Military Academy from Pennsylvania in the first ever Northeast Military Academy Tournament. NYMA won by the score of 78-48. The Knights were led by Most Outstanding Player, Zaahir Woody. Woody finished with 19 points while teammate Zamere McKenzie added 15 points. Jalen Rocks pitched in 10 while Will Mayfield finished with 9. Karif Isaacs scored 8 points, Josh Antoine had 7, Mickey Urso had 5, and David Pinto-Ricardo and Nigel Petti-Fernandez each contributed 3 points. Carson Long Military Academy’s Brandon Osofo and Tristin Garcia both scored 16 points apiece and Osofo took home the Sportsmanship Award.

The JV Team also played Carson Long and won by the score of 62-34 with Cadet Andrew Weng scoring 20 points for the Knights.

On Saturday, 1/27 the NYMA Wrestling Team traveled Down 9W to Storm King and wrestled against Woodhall, Marvelwood, and Storm King. Matthew Montes and Nathan Kratman wrestled very well and made NYMA proud!

On Monday, 1/29 the NYMA Varsity Basketball Team (10-2) started a five-game road trip by traveling to Hartford, CT to play a very talented Watkinson team. The game was 39-30 at halftime in favor of NYMA. The Knights ended up winning by the score of 86-48. NYMA was led by Will Mayfield who finished with 27 points, 20 rebounds, and 6 blocks. Brandon Evans scored 21 points and Zamere McKenzie finished with 17. Zaahir Woody also had a great game contributing 9 points, 12 assists and 12 rebounds.

On Wednesday the Varsity Team then traveled to Oakwood Friends and won by a score of 77-42. Senior Zaahir Woody led the Knights in scoring with 22 points. That effort helped Woody  eclipse the 1,000-point total for his high school career! Brandon Evans also finished with 20 points for the Knights. Other cadets with solid contributions were Zamere McKenzie and Mickey Urso with 8 points and Karif Isaacs and Josh Antoine with 7 points.

That same Wednesday the NYMA Bowling Team was in action again. Match #1 was versus Storm King. NYMA was defeated in 2 games by scores of 109-91 and 138-105.  Stand out players for this match for NYMA were Mandy Wang, Heidi Welsh, and Zhengkun Yang.

The second match was against Faith Christian Academy. NYMA lost the match with FCA winning game one 109-98 and NYMA winning game two 121-97. FCA came through with a clutch strike to win game three by the score of 114-107. Mandy Wang and Heidi Welsh carried the team against FCA making 5 of 6 spares that they attempted. Next week we will be at Pat Tarsio Bowling Lanes for matches that will be starting at 3:00 pm sharp! If you’re free, come by and support your Knights!

On Thursday the Varsity Basketball Team headed up the thruway to New Lebanon to take on Darrow in another HVAL matchup. NYMA (12-2) won by the score of 80-39 as Zaahir Woody finished with 19 points. The Knights got a solid contribution from Zamere McKenzie who finished with 16 points, Karif Isaacs who had 11 points, and Mickey Urso who scored 10. Josh Antoine and Jalen Ricks also each scored 7 points while Brandon Evans ended the game with 6.

Operation Cookie Deployment

On the morning of the Winter Formal (Feb. 10th) from 9:00-11:00 am, several NYMA Cadets will be helping with Operation Cookie Deployment at the Cornwall Presbyterian Church. They will be helping pack boxes for our soldiers overseas. If you would like to join us or donate prepackaged food items, please contact Samantha Hill at (845) 534-3710 Ext. 4819. You may also drop your contributions off to the Academic Office and we will see that she gets it. Below is more information including a list of items that the church is saying are in particular demand.

Cornwall Presbyterian Church is collecting non-perishable, heat-resistant, perfume-free, travel-sized (ONLY) items to send to our service men and women.  Please help by donating any of the items below by Wednesday, February 7, 2018; helping us pack boxes to mail on Saturday, February 10, 2018, starting at 9:00 am; and providing addresses for soldiers who would appreciate “a hug in a box from home.”  Please call the church office (845-534-2903) with complete APO addresses and for more information.

You may bring your items starting Sunday, January 21. We are collecting the following items to donate:

Personal Care Items/Travel Size ONLY/No Aerosols:

dental care products
foot spray (Tinacton, etc.)
hair care products
hand sanitizers/soap/bath gel
lip balm (SPF 15)
manicure/pedicure products
sun block (SPF 45)
disposable razors
baby wipes/disinfectant
surgical masks
Q Tips
eye drops (Visine, etc.)
tampons (needed especially)
Avon Skin-So-Soft

Food ItemsNothing with pork, alcohol, or aerosol.

candy/hard candy (NO chocolate)
canned meats/tuna in pouch
cookies (homemade or store bought) –Oreos are a favorite
beef jerky/Slim Jims
nuts /seeds, dried fruit, trail mix
powdered beverage mixes (sugarfree is best)
Ramen noodles
snacks/crackers; granola/energy bars
individual packets of cereal/soup
single serving instant coffee
tea bags
hot sauce/seasoning salts

Misc. Items:

greeting cards
white athletic socks (needed  especially)
decks of playing cards
books of word puzzles
re-sealable plastic freezer bags

Needed especially:  white athletic socks, tampons, knit caps, helmet liners