Real Life Leadership Labs

To support our mission, every cadet receive can instruction in Leadership Development. This instruction is put into practice throughout a cadet’s tenure at NYMA. As a cadet demonstrates the ability for positions of higher rank, he or she is given opportunities for leadership in the corps and the responsibility of the well-being of its members. In fact, this instruction is incorporated into what NYMA calls its Cadet Performance System. This system guides cadets in every facet of life so that they know exactly what is expected of them. Because cadets are trained to know these expectations, they are able to achieve daily successes. They know there is a daily path they can choose to take. They know what to wear as they walk that path, how to behave, and what responsibilities they have. This knowledge and its proper execution puts them on the right track. This is very different from other private schools or public schools where expectations are not clearly delineated.

Cadets are permitted to wear emblems of distinction on their uniforms in recognition of superior achievement in scholastic, military, and athletic endeavors. Most importantly, NYMA truly has a real life leadership lab; it is in applying the lessons learned in class to daily cadet life that the cadets truly put into practice what they have been taught.