Courts Resurfaced

More tennis courts have been resurfaced here on campus in preparation for another exciting spring sports season!


Trees for Tribs

The weather is changing in upstate New York with more rain coming in heavier bursts. The end result is that the stream coming from the Cornwall/Black Rock Forest Reservoir that passes by Riley Barracks is periodically rising higher and running faster than usual.

To stop the river bank eroding, a state program called “Trees for Tribs” was initiated that provides expertise, tools, and over 100 plantings to sites in need. Our female cadets pictured below donated their time this Sunday to serve their community and to help keep the Hudson Estuary healthy.

The unusual appearance of the “tree hoods” is not an artistic touch by our art teacher, Ms. Simon, who guided the cadets. Rather the hoods generate a greenhouse-like atmosphere for the trees and shrubs and also protects them from deer. We will keep this look for about a year until the plants are established. The black weed mats help the plants to receive water and nutrients. The mats are also fully biodegradable. We are looking forward in the coming years to more flowers, berries, and interesting wildlife. This project is part of our “Sense of Place” Initiative.


New at NYMA (6/29)

With summer camp quickly approaching, the Academy has been busily working on Scarborough Hall. It now has newly tiled floors and a new and improved air conditioning system for the auditorium!


New at NYMA

This month we have begun an energy conservation project in conjunction with Central Hudson Gas and Electric and Lime Energy. We hope to save 10 gigawatt hours of electricity over the next 7 years with all new lighting fixtures installed at no cost. One benefit is some of our halls and classrooms have an updated, brighter look…


Wright Hall Renovation

Wright Hall was built in 1915 and was a barracks for most of last century. About 30 years ago it stopped being used and fell into disrepair. We are now faced with a choice to knock it down or rebuild. This is always a difficult decision especially for a building rich in history.

To start moving forward in one direction or another, we have begun to raise money for an initial assessment through structural drawings which seek to provide temporary stabilization of the structure and to stop water from entering the building. The overall cost of the renovation is daunting, but much less than to build afresh. We will update you on our progress at the end of the summer.