Awards Dinner 2018

The Academic & Athletic Awards Ceremony and Dinner took place in the Curie Dining Hall this past Friday, June 8th.

Congratulations to all recipients!


Sports Recap (5/27)

We had a very interesting finish to our Spring Sports Season as the weather in the area took a turn for the worse last week. Due to the destruction of the storm that hit, all of the playoffs were unfortunately affected and shortened. We had to deal with some issues on campus, but in the end, everyone was safe and that’s all that matters.

We finished our spring season with Ultimate Frisbee losing to Marvelwood by the score of 6-15 and finishing in 5th place in the Hudson Valley Athletic League. Baseball finished in 5th place as well and Boys Tennis defeated Faith Christian to finish in 3rd place. We are extremely proud of all of our cadets as they represented NYMA well throughout the season and the entire school year! A special thanks goes out to our spring coaches for all of their time and dedication.

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Sports Recap (5/12)

This has been a very exciting week as the Hudson Valley Athletic League Playoffs are scheduled to kick off on Monday. The NYMA Boys Tennis Team beat Poughkeepsie Day School the other day in a close match 5-4. That win clinched the #3 playoff seed which also means home court advantage for Coach Nate Dimme and the boys on Monday against Faith Christian Academy.

The Knights Baseball Team has been awarded the #5 seed which means on Monday they will play #4 Storm King at Mt. Airy Field in Cornwall. They played Storm King yesterday in the last regular season game of the year and lost 8-12. It was a close game and is setting up for a great rematch on Monday as the Knights fight to stay alive and make a playoff run!

Ultimate Frisbee lost a tough game to Marvelwood earlier this week. Yesterday they also came up short against Poughkeepsie Day School. Coach Forrest Gordon and the team have been awarded the #5 seed in the HVAL Playoffs and will either have to travel to Darrow or Marvelwood on Monday.


Sports Recap (5/5)

On Saturday, 4/27, the NYMA Boys Tennis Team and Ultimate Frisbee Team both loaded the bus to New Lebanon, NY to take on Darrow in league play. It was Parents’ Weekend at Darrow and turned out to be a great day for some outdoor sports.

Ultimate Frisbee lost to Darrow by the score of 4-15. The team is back in action this Friday as they travel down 9W to take on rival Storm King. The Boys Tennis Team moved to 5-1 on the season by getting a big win over Darrow. Brandon Fooks led the team with a 10-6 victory in the 1st singles position. Simon Lin won 10-3 at 2nd singles while Adam Sun followed suit with an 8-5 win at 3rd. Jeffery Li lost a hard-fought match 7-9 at 4th singles. Lin and Fooks then followed up with a 6-1 victory in doubles to finish off the match.

Singles:                                      Doubles:

1st Fooks 10-6                         1st Fooks/Lin 6-1
2nd Lin 10-3
3rd Sun 8-5
4th Li 7-9

On Wednesday, 5/2, the Boys Tennis Team improved to 6-1 for the season with a dominant win over Faith Christian Academy. Mathew Montes led the team with an 8-0 victory at 1st singles. Brandon Fooks then won 8-2 at 2nd and Simon Lin added another shutout win in the 4th singles position. Robin Zhao won 8-5 at 5th and Adam Sun won 8-0 at 6th. Montes and Fooks won 6-2 at 1st doubles and Jeffery Li and Adam Sun won 6-3 in the 3rd position.

Singles:                                                                                         Doubles:

1st Montes 8-0                         4th Lin 8-0                                1st Montes/Fooks 6-2
2nd Fooks 8-2                           5th Zhao 8-5                             2nd DNP
3rd Defaulted                            6th Sun 8-0                               3rd Sun/Li 6-3

Boys Tennis also had a game this Thursday against Marvelwood, but it had to be stopped due to a downpour. Cadet Montes won his match and Cadet Fooks lost a great match that went back and forth. The team is back in action Friday as they play host to Storm King in a battle of the two top teams in the league.

Sports Recap (4/27)

The New York Military Academy Boys Tennis Team continued their winning ways beating Darrow this past Saturday afternoon and moving to 3-1 for the year. Matthew Montes started the team off with an 8-1 victory. Simon Lin won in the 2nd singles position 8-4 and Adam Sun continued his undefeated season with an 8-1 victory at 3rd. Jeffrey Li played his first singles match of the season in the 4th spot and won 8-1. Matthew Montes and Simon Lin finished the match off with a 6-0 doubles win.


1st Montes 8-1

2nd Lin 8-4

3rd Sun 8-1

4th Li 8-1


1st Montes/Lin 6-0

2nd DNP (match was already won)

The Boys Tennis Team then moved to 4-1 for the season Monday afternoon with an impressive victory over Oakwood Friends School. Matthew Montes led the team with a commanding 10-1 victory. Brandon Fooks won 10-2 at 2nd singles and Simon Lin won 10-5 in the 3rd spot. Boys Tennis “Youngest Man” Adam Sun also continued his undefeated singles campaign with a 10-5 win at 6th singles. At 1st doubles Montes and Lin won 8-3 while Fooks and Sun battled to get a 9-8 (7-5) win in the 2nd doubles position.


1st Montes 10-1

2nd Fooks 10-2

3rd Lin 10-5

4th Kim 5-10

5th Zhao 2-10

6th Sun 10-5


1st Montes/Lin 8-3

2nd Fooks/Sun 9-8 (7-5)

3rd Li/Zhao 0-8


On Friday, April 20th the Knights took to the diamond to face Marvelwood. After a two-hour windy contest NYMA lost 5-7. It was a great game and the runs batted-in really gave our team a morale boost. Cadet Racine had a 98-pitch game that led to four strikeouts. Jamel Pauletta showed his leather skills in the field with some wonderful plays that led to 3 outs. We are coming together as a newly formed team and the outlook is great. The cadets are excited to play this week but had a cancellation on Wednesday due to weather; that game has been rescheduled. The Knights will take on Storm King School on Friday, April 27th at Mt. Airy in Cornwall and then travel to Marvelwood for a rematch on Saturday, April 28th.


On Monday, April 23rd the Knights Ultimate Frisbee Team hosted their cross-town rivals from Storm King School in a high-energy, competitive game. Thanks to smart decisions and skillful play from handlers Nigel Petti-Fernandez and Daniel Geng, the Knights offense jumped out to an early lead. Hard-working defensive play by cadets Andrew Weng, Jake DeBree, Kris Wu, and others slowed the Storm King offense and led to a hard-earned 8-4 NYMA lead at halftime. The cadets’ hustle and teamwork led to more success in the second half as nine different cadets were involved on scoring plays…a new team best!  The Knights went on to win 15-10 in their most impressive team victory so far.


On Wednesday, April 25th the Ultimate Frisbee Team traveled north to Oakwood Friends School to play their first road game of the season on a very windy and rainy day. The Knights hustled and traded points with their opponents early.  Team captain and primary handler, Nigel Petti-Fernandez, found success connecting with cadets Will Mayfield, Andrew Weng, Alvin Lukose, and others. Both offenses struggled to gain ground in the difficult weather conditions, but hard defensive work led to many long, hard-fought points. Cadets Wang, Petti-Fernandez, and Geng gave great defensive efforts throughout the game. Unfortunately, the Knights suffered too many turnovers, including several in the end-zone as the disc was harder to handle in the rain. The cadets rebounded from an Oakwood run and put forth a strong effort at the end of the game, but lost by the final score of 4-15. The Knights will learn from this first rainy-day experience as they look forward to the rest of their schedule!

Sports Recap (4/20)

On Friday, April 13th the NYMA Boys Tennis Team was handed its first league defeat of the season with a tight 4-5 home loss to visiting Poughkeepsie Day. Three NYMA players won in singles with Brandon Fooks and Simon Lin providing the team’s sole doubles win.

Fooks and Lin also got the first two singles wins for the Knights as well. Fooks won 10-6 at the 3rd position and Lin won 10-4 at 4th singles. NYMA tennis’ “youngest man” Adam Sun continued his winning ways with a 10-3 win at 6th singles.

In doubles play, the duo of Fooks and Lin collected their second win as a unit, beating their opponents from Poughkeepsie Day 8-1.

Match Recap


1st Montes lost 3-10

2nd Svartz lost 6-10

3rd Fooks won 10-6

4th Lin won 10-4

5th Robin lost 5-10

6th Sun won 10-2


1st Montes and Svartz lost 0-8

2nd Fooks and Lin won 8-1

3rd Robin and Jeffery lost 8-9; 6-8 in tie break

Also on Saturday, April 14th, the NYMA Ultimate Frisbee Team played host to defending champion Marvelwood and the game did not disappoint. Team captain Nigel Petti-Fernandez was lights out as he had 15 assists in the thrilling 15-14 victory. Also having a big day was Cadet Will Mayfield who scored 14 points all while jumping over the opposition. Cadet Daniel Geng also had one score in the win.

On Wednesday, April 18th the NYMA Baseball Team traveled to the Hoosac School to kick off the season. The game was a great learning experience for the young Knights. The game ended in a 0-16 loss over 4 1/2 innings on a briskly cold night that was called early by the umpires due to the weather. Cadet Henri Racine pitched a consistent game with many strikes and plays leading to outs. The knowledge and overall experience gained that night will greatly help us this season. The Knights will take the field again on Friday as they play Marvelwood.

On Wednesday, April 18th the NYMA Boys Tennis Team moved to 2-1 this season with a 5-1 win over Hoosac Academy. Phil Kim got an 8-0 victory playing his first match of the season while Matthew Montes led the way with 9-8, 12-4 win (with a 12-point tiebreak in the first set). Simon Lin followed with an 8-2 win and Adam Sun had another 8-0 victory at the 4th singles position. Montes and Lin partnered to get a 6-2 win in doubles.

Match Recap


1st Montes won 9-8

2nd Lin won 8-2

3rd Kim won 8-0

4th Sun won 8-0


1st Montes/Lin won 6-2

2nd Zhao/Kim lost 6-8

On Wednesday, April 18th the NYMA Ultimate Frisbee Team lost to Poughkeepsie Day School on a cold spring day by the score of 1-15. PDS came in and played an excellent game as they executed their offense very well. The Knights got a score from Branden Evans as well as some great defensive knockdowns and takeaways from Nigel Petti-Fernandez. Cadet Kris Wu played solid defensively as well. Eighth-grade Cadet Andrew Weng also played well and is really improving so far in this young season. The Knights are 1-2 overall and will play Darrow this Saturday at 2:30 pm.

Sports Recap (4/13)

This week we kicked off our Spring Sports Season here at NYMA as the Boys Tennis Team led by Head Coach Nate Dimmie started off the season strong on Wednesday. The Knights won an HVAL match over Faith Christian Academy by the final score of 9-0. NYMA swept the sets in 2 matches including Robin Zhou in fifth singles and Brandon Fooks and Simon Lin in second doubles.

The Knights had a great start in the match with 6 convincing wins in singles action. Matthew Montes posted a 10-1 win in the top spot, Brandon Fooks won in second singles 10-3, and Simon Lin won 10-5 in the third position. Freshman Gol Svartz gave NYMA its fourth victory posting another 10-1 set. In fifth position Robin Zhou provided the only 10-0 victory of the match. In the sixth spot eighth grader Adam Sun, NYMA Tennis’ “youngest man”, won 10-1.

The doubles matches kept the momentum going with Montes and Svartz winning 8-1 in the first spot, Fooks and Lin posting an 8-0 win in second, and Robin and Sun winning 8-1 in third doubles. To see pictures of the matches, please visit: Facebook album: Tennis vs Faith Christian

The NYMA Ultimate Frisbee team led by Head Coach Forrest Gordon was in action this week as well. They had their first game of the year this Wednesday against Oakwood Friends School. The Knights are full of newcomers to the sport this year but are led by veteran player and team captain, Nigel Petti-Fernandez. The Knights got off to a slow start before gaining some momentum in the middle of the game as Captain Petti-Fernandez and cutter Will Mayfield found an offensive rhythm. Cadet Kris Wu played tough defense that led to turnovers. Many newcomers gained valuable game experience throughout the afternoon. The Knights wound up losing the game 6-15 but played hard and showed good signs of the abilities that they will work to develop throughout the season! To see pictures of the match, please visit: Facebook album: Ultimate Frisbee vs Faith Christian

Today the Boys Tennis Team is back in action here on campus as they get set to take on Poughkeepsie Day School at 4:00 pm. On Saturday the Ultimate Frisbee Team plays host to the defending HVAL champions Marvelwood at 2:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

Les McMillen Memorial Baseball Field

Beyond being a coach and the Athletic Director at New York Military Academy for 30 years, Les McMillen was also a successful baseball player for almost four decades. Some of his records from his youth as a catcher still stand. In honor of his life, we are bringing back his old baseball field where he coached so many talented athletes. We are looking for donations for a memorial plaque and for help restoring the field. Please send all inquiries to our Alumni Relations Coordinator, Barbara O’Rourke, at Many thanks for your interest and help with this great project!