Cadet Creativity (10/30)

Our Studio Art classes have been busy with their painting projects. Everyone started with four pumpkin paintings to experiment with the materials.

1. Cadet Wen’s practice paintings demonstrate a lovely example of each type of paint.

2. Cadet Avaras tried pour-painting based on the work of Emma Lindstrom and created a surge of interest in other classes.

3. Cadet DeBree tried his own pour-painting.

4. Meanwhile, Cadet Martinez created a primary color scheme with her pour.

5. Our Painting & Drawing class warmly welcomed two designers from Italy that created a NYMA shirt which is available for purchase. The designers presented a three-day workshop on the difference between Design and Art, body proportions for fashion design, and developing fashion sketches.


Cadet Creativity (10/23)

Our Painting & Drawing class is wrapping up their projects and we would like to showcase the following landscapes:

1. This lovely oil pastel parade field was created by Cadet Bjornman.

2. Cadet Koumas created this Halloween-inspired colored pencil piece.

3. Cadet Zhou created this beautiful colored pencil and marker piece showcasing the east side of the Academic Building.

4. Cadet DelUniversita completed this serene oil pastel landscape across the Quad.

5. Our classes are now beginning their painting unit and are busy experimenting with different paints to create mini-pumpkin paintings before they will start their new project.


Cadet Creativity (10/16)

Our Middle School Art class finished up their color drawing projects under the theme of “Fact or Fiction”.

1. Cadet Salameh created this mixed media of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by fireworks.

Our Studio Art class is finishing up their color project.

2. Cadet Kratman created this mixed media piece using colored pencil and chalk pastel.

3. Cadet Vinerte completed her large black & white assignment and included poems and observational sketches with conte crayon, charcoal, and drawing pencils.


Cadet Creativity (10/2)

Our Studio Art classes are wrapping up their first project. They have begun getting their artwork “display-ready” as well as offering constructive critiques using our TAG method: Tell them what you like using elements and principles of art, Ask a helpful question, and Give advice.
To the left cadets work on their critiques, self-assessments, and adding a border to finalize their work. Cadet Ren (above) shades in his soldier using drawing pencils. He made practice sketches and tweaked the proportions of the body before moving on to his final piece. Cadet DeLuccia created this pencil drawing below of a snowy scene based on the work of an artist that uses black and white to create landscapes.


Cadet Creativity (6/13)

Our cadets wrapped up the year in Studio Art creating installation projects that were designed for an area inside our buildings…

1. Cadets Montes and Vas created this mural to represent NYMA.

2. Cadets Isaacs and Antoine created this basketball hoop out of plastic, cardboard, tape, wire, and paint.

3. Cadets Zhao, Zhou, and Yang created this musical mural.

4. Cadets McKenzie and Urso created this astronaut helmet.

5. Cadet Pauletta’s printmaking peace banner.

6. Cadet Elhouti’s NYC mobile is made from CD’s.

7. Cadets Graham and Walker created this jellyfish mural.

8. Cadet Yang created this large painting that is displayed in the main office.


Cadet Creativity (5/12)

1. Cadet Montes created this polymer clay sandwich shaped like the state of Oregon for his Body project.

2. Cadet DelUniversita created this linoleum block print of a bald eagle using three separate pieces for his Extinction project.

3. Cadets McKenzie and Urso are creating an astronaut’s helmet with a galaxy for their final project.

4. Cadets Lhermite and Kruk are working on a mural of Frida Kahlo. Beside them are Cadets Graham and Walker who are working on a jellyfish.

5. Cadets Zelenger and Sun created Spongebob and Patrick linoleum block stamps for their Childhood Printmaking project.

6. Cadet DelUniversita poses with Mr. Mavrikis. He is creating Medieval weapons out of cardboard and leather for the History Room.



Cadet Creativity (5/5)

1. Cadet Elhouti created this distressed treasure map for her Extinction project. She dyed the paper with tea to make it look aged.

2. Cadet Sun created this oil painting.

3. Cadets Zhou, Zhao, and Yang are currently working on a mural in the art/music hallway for their final project.

4. Cadet Isaacs created this wood-burned and lightly painted honey bee for his Conservation project.

5. Another cadet focused on honey bees as well. Cadet Lhermite just joined our art class and created this elaborate Altoid tin with polymer clay and pages of a book.

6. Cadet Kruk created this geometric/cubist cloud out of cardboard and fabric fill.

7. Cadet Yang attended the Congressional Art Reception and received a certificate for her participation in the Congressional Art Competition. She was also able to meet Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney. It was a lovely event!

8. Cadets Dong and DelUniversita created cardboard weapons and used them to battle one another for this photo taken by Cadet Parker.


Vote for Serena!

You’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful artwork by Serena Yang showcased in Ms. Simon’s art section of our newsletter and on the website. One of her pieces entitled Violetta was entered in the 2018 Congressional Art Competition through the office of Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney.

There will be one winner selected per medium entered as well as a Facebook fan favorite. We would love for our NYMA community to show support for our talented cadet by liking her entry. You truly can’t help but like it!  She and Ms. Simon were invited to the awards ceremony on May 3rd where the winner will be announced.

Her work is pictured below and here is the link…please vote and share with your friends!

Cadet Creativity (4/21)

1. Cadet Serena Yang for worked diligently on this piece that she submitted to the Congressional Art Competition. The winner’s artwork will be hung in Washington D.C. for an entire year alongside winners from other districts. Cadet Yang created this stunning watercolor that will be judged by Hudson Valley artists and the public. We ask that you take a moment to vote for Serena’s work from April 23-30 on Representative Sean Patrick Maloney’s Official Facebook page at Spread the word!

2. Cadet McKenzie created a linoleum block print for our Conservation/Extinction theme. His first print was pulled and turned out beautifully!

3. Cadet Zhao worked with our 3D printer and software to create pieces for his project.

4. Cadet Yang is working on a watercolor for Conservation.

5. Cadet Zhou finished her bouquet of polymer clay flowers.

6a. Cadet Farzan embroidered a lion for his Conservation project.

6b. Cadet Parker finished up a pixelated jellyfish out of yarn on plastic chicken wire for his textile project.