Cadet Creativity (4/14)

1. Cadet Ricks created a linoleum block print inspired by superheroes.

2. Cadet Isaacs finished up his ceramics project by creating a polymer clay apple which he painted with acrylic paint. Cadet Isaacs used a real apple to create realistic bite marks.

3. Cadet Graham created a Dahlia using our wood-burning pen and watercolors.




Cadet Creativity (4/7)

1. Matthew Montes created a plaster cast by applying gauze to his face and filling the cavity with plaster. After it dried, Cadet Montes painted it gold with a red drip.

2. Gal Svartz meticulously works on his extinction/conservation themed art project by experimenting with the wood-burning pen.

3. Charlie Dong finished his paper mache cargo plane for his sculpture project and hung it up in the main lobby of the Academic Building.


Cadet Creativity

The cadets have been busy in their various art classes and we think you’ll agree…the results are outstanding!

1. Our cadets in Studio Art worked with clay to create pieces that represented “Body”. Ethan Hassane created a pond within an Altoid tin using polymer clay and resin. Serena Yang created an anatomical model of a head out of air-dry clay and acrylic paint. Robin Zhou created a model of the Japanese character, Totoro, using air-dry clay and acrylic paint. William Mayfield created a turtle out of polymer clay.

2. Cadets in Studio Art also finished up “Identity” in textiles. The cadets learned to sew, weave, and embroider to create these pieces. Woven Nike headband by Josh Antoine. Bart Simpson embroidery by Sara Elhouti. Stuffed plushie based on a video game character by Robin Zhou. Airborne patch by Michael Yusupov. Woven piece by Matthew Montes.

3. Zhengkun Yang created this elaborately woven tapestry.

4. In Middle School Art, Michael Zelenger is currently using the grid method of drawing to accurately represent his dog. This method is championed by the artist Chuck Close.

Uniform Design Collaboration

NYMA has joined forces with Accademia Della Moda Institute of Universal Art and Design. The first part of the collaboration is a design contest for their students to re-imagine our uniforms. On March 1st NYMA will announce the winner. The winning design will most clearly resonate with the spirit and history of NYMA and will also add a new flavor of dignity and excitement to our campus. Many staff members have already volunteered to help judge. The winning designer will be invited to the campus to offer design classes for the cadets and some of their ideas will be incorporated into the orders for next year. The winning uniform design will also be on display in the Academic Building for all to see!

A Snake Tale

This independent musical mini-film was done by NYMA 9th grade cadet Serena Yang. The story is based on a Chinese traditional folktale.

A self-taught pianist, Serena started composing the music piece in 6th grade. After learning to draw at NYMA, she was able to incorporate her personal drawings into the creation of this film. Enjoy!

Fall Artwork on Campus

Cadets took their paint off the canvas and have begun enlivening the campus for the fall. You can now see cadets’ artwork beginning to decorate the buildings around the NYMA campus.