The New York Military Academy has been busy growing and rebuilding. Recent renovations have included a new look to the gym featuring a new roof, a new floor, and a renovated exercise facility on the second floor. We have reopened the indoor swimming pool in Patillo and also resurfaced three of our tennis courts. We have improved our rifle range, upgraded the IT infrastructure, and have paved many of the roads. Smaller scale renovations have been made in Patillo and Riley Barracks and with the current configurations, they are now full during our summer and winter programs.

We are looking for donors to help renovate our laboratories and project rooms in Scarborough Hall.

We are also developing a long-term plan to address the Wright Hall Site and are currently looking for donors and organizations to support this work.

Wright Hall was completed in 1915 and served the campus as barracks, apartments, and laundry facility through the 1980's. For the last two decades it has been empty and its condition has been deteriorating. For those of you who have visited the campus recently, you will know that the Wright Hall Building is now in serious disrepair. We need to take the following steps because parts of the building are beginning to become a safety hazard:

1) Assess its structural integrity and create a temporary plan for site stabilization.

2) Develop a multi-year development plan for the site.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Joseph Naseef, our Director of Development, at Thank you!