(1) Day Cadets

Registration Fee**$1,000
Day School Fee/Tuition (includes tuition, lunch, cadet activities, technology

usage, uniform alteration, and dry-cleaning.)

Parent Auxiliary Fee$250

(2) Boarding Cadets

Registration Fee**$2,000
Boarding School Fee/Tuition (includes tuition, room, board, infirmary health care, cadet activities, technology usage, uniform alteration, and dry-cleaning)$41,910
Parent Auxiliary Fee$250


(3) Additional Fees (all cadets, as applicable)

Uniform Fee (first year only)$3,590
Studio Art Fee (per semester, class registrants only)$45
Laboratory Fee (per semester, class registrants only)$60
Haircuts (annual, male cadets only)$250
English as a Second Language Fee (annual, for cadets who require ESL instruction)$4,000
International Fee** (annual, basic health plan included)$3,275
Commencement Fee (one time, seniors only)$350

* Financial aid is available for qualifying candidates.

** For domestic cadets: Registration Fee is non-refundable. For international cadets: 85% of the Registration and International Fees will be refunded if visa application is rejected twice.