Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, we offer financial aid and all accepted, domestic cadets are encouraged to apply. Financial aid is awarded based on need and varies according to the individual application.

How much does tuition cost?

Please visit for our current rates.

What is the application deadline? Do you accept transfers mid-year?

We offer open enrollment. Yes.

What are the requirements for acceptance into your school?

We evaluate all candidates on many factors including character and leadership qualities as well as academic performance. We do not require a minimum GPA or standardized tests, but all applicants must be interviewed.

How long does the admissions process usually take?

The admissions process varies based on how long it takes your current school to release your child’s records. On average, the process takes about two weeks.

What's the difference between a regular private school and a military school?

In many ways we are just like many other private schools except that we offer an increased focus on structure, discipline, and leadership development.

Do you accept students with IEP's or special education needs?

Yes, we review all recommended accommodations during the admissions process to determine if we have the resources available to help each student.

Do you offer extra help for students that are struggling?

Yes, we have mandatory after-school tutorial sessions for every cadet who needs it. We also offer special classes to help students catch up, supervised evening study periods, and we can arrange for on-campus tutoring at an additional cost.

Can I visit the school before applying?

Yes, we have an Open House each month and offer private tours for prospective families as well. For more information, please visit

I have more questions. How can I get them answered?

Please contact an Admissions representative at or call (845) 534-3710, Ext. 4272.