Today the New York Military Academy is growing at an impressive rate. Recently, most of our students have not pursued military careers and instead have gone on to study at a university. Although this military focus has shifted, our fundamental objective and the values we instill in our cadets have not.
Developing peer-to-peer leadership skills is the core of our cadet experience. We strive to train our cadets to lead by example in and out of the classroom, on the sports fields, and in the barracks. Taking accountability for one’s actions and the actions of others is the foundation for the type of character building that all cadets experience throughout their time here. The result of this process is a sense of pride, confidence, and compassion that inevitably changes lives and communities.
At the New York Military Academy, we hold dear our obligation to offer our students more than just an education. Our mission to simultaneously develop our cadets’ minds, bodies, and character sets our graduates apart from all other college applicants.