New York Military Academy (NYMA) was founded by Colonel Charles Jefferson Wright  in 1889 on the site of a former Hudson River summer resort hotel. That spring, a petition was filed with the Regents of the State of  New York for a provisional charter, and NYMA has been in constant operation since that date. Since its founding, NYMA has undergone continuous change to meet the ongoing needs of its Corps of Cadets, alumni, and supporters. Located in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, NYMA is a private, college preparatory military school for day and boarding students in grades 7 through 12. NYMA is dedicated to a comprehensive and substantive process of developing and inspiring young leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to equip our cadets with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success and fulfillment both in college and in their future lives.


The mission of New York Military Academy is to develop the cadets in mind, body, and character; to prepare them for further education and to be effective leaders and responsible citizens. Inherent in this mission are our four pillars of success: Academics, Character, Leadership, Athletics.



Physical fitness dovetails with developing a cadet’s mind. All cadets participate in some form of athletics throughout the school year. The academy offers competitive inter-scholastic teams in several sports and intermural activities, emphasizes teamwork, resilience and courage.



The academy believes in developing in their cadets the essential values of respect, responsibility, integrity, kindness, and caring. The Honor Code mandates that “A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.” Character is taught everyday both in and outside of the classroom while focusing on traditional values ethics, honesty, loyalty and accountability.



A premier boarding school designed to develop great leaders. We offer a unique educational experience that providing our students a competitive advantage. Every cadet is prepared for college with a program that is rigorous and individually tailored. Qualified, conscientious teachers and smaller classes offer opportunities for every cadet to reach their potential.



Developing future leaders is one of the unique aspects of the NYMA experience. Self-discipline, leadership, and citizenship are integrated into the daily life for the Corps of Cadets. As cadets move up in rank, they are given increasing levels of responsibilities in supervising, leading, and instructing fellow cadets.


NYMA’s vision is to be the leading private co-educational college preparatory school in the United States, incorporating military organization and traditions. By using a community model and a rigorous academic curriculum grounded in classical disciplines, NYMA graduates are equipped to live extraordinary lives of accountability and service. Academy cadets participate in a 21st-century academic curriculum and a structured Military Leadership Program, guided by experienced adult mentors. Our program’s unique approach combines adult mentorship with peer-to-peer interaction, fostering confidence and personal accountability in our cadets’ leadership development. This sets us apart from other schools and ensures a well-rounded leadership education.

NYMA prepares students for the challenges of college. By the time they graduate, NYMA cadets will have had access to: a variety of meaningful leadership experiences, a robust curriculum geared toward 21st century priorities (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication), and a solid core of lifetime fitness and outdoor learning skills. These are the intangibles that make NYMA an excellent educational experience.