Cadet Creativity (1/18)

Cadet Creativity (1/18)

1. Cadet Edison Zhang is working on origami from YouTube tutorials.

2. Cadet Mike Zhang sketches ideas for his paper-cut relief sculpture.

3. Cadets Kratman and Vinerte tackle a packing tape sculpture of a person using Kratman as a live model.

4a/b. Cadet Danilov created an embossed metal sculpture as a tribute to R. Lee Ermey from a scene in Full Metal Jacket.

5. Cadet Wang is creating a paper mâché sculpture of a trophy.

6. Cadet Liang is assembling a robot from found objects.

7. Cadet Jiang cuts newspaper to begin a design for a sculpture. Cadets Wang and Wen work on paper mâché.

8. Cadet Fan designs a paper lantern.

9. Cadet Hernandez reflects on another cadet’s project and offers a critique of their work.

10. Cadet Avaras tackles metal tooling.

11. Cadet Deluccia practices with metal tooling.

12. Cadet Sykes covers a balloon in paper mâché.