Cadets at West Point

This past Wednesday, Cadets Matthew Knorpp, Alvin Lukose, Remy Sykes, Joseph Xu, Michael Yusupov, and Robin Zhao attended a Leadership and Character Conference at West Point with MSG Bailey and school counselor Sarah Magno. These sophomores and juniors were selected from among the Corps to represent NYMA at this event of more than 100 students from 12 different schools.

The event, hosted by the West Point Society of the Mid-Hudson, focused on the sharing of ideas and knowledge between local student leaders to help grow a culture of positive character development in their schools. Students attended seminars led by West Point Leadership and Cadets. They discussed various aspects of leadership as well as moral-ethical values and actionable plans to take back to their schools.

Our cadets were great representatives of NYMA and we are very proud of them. They will be working on a presentation to share with the Corps of Cadets this Wednesday and will discuss some of the topics covered. The six selected cadets also received a MSG Bailey tour of Trophy Point and got a chance to see part of the chain that was floated across the Hudson River during the Revolutionary War!