AMCSUS Drill Meet

Last weekend our Drill Team traveled to Pennsylvania to participate in the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States Annual Drill Meet. AMCSUS schools from all over the country compete in this elite meet.

The AMCSUS Drill Meet is different from others in that instead of all the schools traveling to one central location to compete, recordings are made at each school and the event is judged weeks later by representatives of the AMCSUS Senior Military Colleges.

For the first time in the event’s history, two schools came together to practice and sharpen their skills before competing against each other. Carson Long Military Academy integrated our cadets into their corps for the weekend and drill teams from both schools worked together to prepare and help each other.

After each team was recorded, both teams joined together for a knock-out drill. Knock-out is when a drill leader issues commands and anyone with even a slight infraction (too slow, fingers not placed properly, etc.) is “knocked out” until the most drilled cadet remains. NYMA cadets made up three of the last four left standing, but sadly first place went to CLMA.

After such a long day of travel and work, all the cadets spent time relaxing together and swapping stories about their respective schools over pizza.

For more pictures of the event please visit:

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