Coaches vs. Cancer

The New England Recruiting Report is teaming up with Coaches vs. Cancer to coordinate fundraisers with schools in hopes of raising $25,000 for the American Cancer Society.

NYMA will be participating and hosting a fundraiser at Alumni Gym on January 26th during the Boys Varsity Basketball game against Springfield Commonwealth at 3:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

To contribute to NYMA’s fundraiser, please click here.

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Interfaith Candlelight Service

The Interfaith Candlelight Service is a traditional NYMA event that dates back more than a hundred years and brings the Corps of Cadets, faculty and staff, and parents together to mark the holidays in a way that celebrates the diversity on our campus.

The program yesterday evening included readings from Christian, Hebrew, Kwanzaa, and Muslim texts calling for peace on earth. In addition to the candle-lighting, we also sang traditional American Christmas carols including a beautiful rendition of “Man in the Mirror” sung by Cadet Noel Maldonado…


NYMA Early College Program

This academic year, we welcomed ten cadets into our first Early College Program. These cadets come from diverse backgrounds ranging from Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, to our very own Cornwall. The Early College Program, in collaboration with SUNY Orange, offers students the unique opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. They can potentially earn up to 14 credits upon graduation. In order to qualify for the Early College Program, cadets must have a minimum GPA of 90 for juniors and 85 for seniors. For more information, please contact Lydia Chan at

Academic Update (12/11)

Teachers and students have been working diligently to finish the entire first semester curriculum. Mr. Lemon’s 7th graders are learning about how the framers of the United States government worked to ensure that the people’s voices are heard. They are also examining how some people were excluded from having their liberties protected and how those injustices have been addressed over time.

His 8th grade students are continuing to learn about the age of American Imperialism. They studied the causes and effects of the Spanish-American War and American Imperialism in Asia.

Mr. Anderson’s American Government students are looking at some important documents to examine their impact on how we view our rights. For example, they read Lucy Stone’s letter saying that she will not pay her taxes until women were given the right to vote. Students also read a little about Oveta Culp Hobby, who helped create what would become the Women’s Army Corps during World War II. She also served in President Eisenhower’s cabinet.

Scholars in U.S. History have been evaluating the alternatives available to the government after the Civil War and studied early efforts to help newly freed slaves across the South.

Psychology is finishing up our study of memory by looking at the Seven Sins of Memory; the most common reasons memory fails us. In doing so, students were able to trash Mr. Anderson’s attempt at a magic trick which tries to take advantage of memory problems. Darn it. These kids are too clever, sometimes.

Mr. Langan’s English 10 classes read the classic science fiction story, The Cold Equations, and then engaged in an extended conversation about the ethical challenges confronting the story’s protagonist. This led to a discussion of further examples of these sorts of situations which culminated in a debate about the proper course of action in Star Trek’s famous “Kobayashi Maru” scenario. Students thoughtfully explored the proper response to a simulation that is designed to place its participants in a no-win situation.  Star Fleet awaits!

As preparation for their final essay of what has been a truly writing-intensive class, students in College English learned and reviewed the list of logical fallacies to be avoided in constructing a successful argument. This included extensive discussions of examples of each fallacy. Holiday dinner debates are about to become much more entertaining.

-Maria Reeves, Dean of Academics

Cadet Creativity (12/11)

Our Drawing and Painting class is wrapping up our Figure Drawing unit. Ms. Satcher and several cadets came in as live models for our students to work from.

Below we have Cadet Zhou creating an oil painting on wood, Cadets Yang and Bjornman are creating portraits and self-portraits in colored pencil, and Cadet Hassane added a watercolor background to his pencil drawing. Cadet DeBree completed his stencil print of Stan Lee for Studio Art. The print has been well-received by his peers in other art classes. Well done!



Sports Recap (12/10)

Boys Varsity Basketball:

Saturday, 12/1 – The NYMA Boys Varsity Basketball team had its last scrimmage before kicking off the new season. They traveled to West Point Prep and played in an awesome environment! NYMA lost 78-92 but they played extremely hard. Xavier Gibbs led the Knights with 36 points and Zamere McKenzie added 15 as well.

Sunday, 12/2 – Boys Varsity Basketball (1-0) opened up their season traveling to New Lebanon, NY to take on the Darrow Ducks in a HVAL matchup. The Knights would go on to win by the score of 91-37. NYMA was led by Jaylen Davis with 23 points. Also contributing for the Knights were Josh Antoine and Xavier Gibbs who each had 14 points. Jalen Ricks finished with 11 points and Zamere McKenzie had 10.

The boys have a big week as they host NEPSAC power, St. Thomas More, tomorrow. They will then travel to the Bronx on Friday to take on Our Savior Lutheran in the City Legends College Showcase Event being played at historical St. Raymond’s High School.

Boys Junior Varsity Basketball:

Saturday, 12/1 – The NYMA Boys Junior Varsity Basketball team opened up the season by beating Storm King at home by the score of 58-14. Coach Mario Espinoza (pictured right) made sure the team was well prepared and ready to play!

Wednesday, 12/5 – The JV Basketball team played away at Woodstock Day School. The Knights won by the score of 75-32 and Eric Veidemanis led all scorers with 21 points. Cadet Justin Bonsu scored 18 points with 7 assists while Cadet Jakai Lester had a monster game grabbing 17 rebounds. Cadet Harrison Jones pitched in 13 points. The JV Boys will host St. Thomas More tomorrow.

Girls Varsity Basketball:

Wednesday, 12/5 – the NYMA Girls Varsity Basketball team led by Coach Scott Alvarez tipped off the season at home against Chase Collegiate. The girls played a remarkable game winning by the score of 94-52. Cadet Zuzia Kulinska led all scorers with 37 points while Roberta “Tessa” Bjornman added 20 points. Cadet Dominyka Paliulyte scored 16 points, Isabel “Isa” Sanchez chipped in with 14, and Flera “Flo” Vinerte had 7. Also contributing was our Cheerleading Captain Gianna Whritenour who happens to be one of the best athletes in the school. She agreed to help the team out while theyare dealing with some injuries and she did a terrific job coming off the bench in the win.

Boys Modified Basketball:

Thursday, 12/6 – The NYMA Boys Modified Basketball team led by Coach Anthony Bailey defeated Oakwood Friends Academy by the score of 37-12. All of our young cadets played well and made NYMA proud. They also enjoyed some McDonald’s after the game and I heard they ate about 100 chicken nuggets led by Cadet Duke Liu.

Varsity Wrestling:

Saturday, 12/8 – Coach Tom Roselli and the NYMA Wrestling team will kick off their varsity campaign as they travel to Marvelwood for the Skiff Mountain Shuffle. The team is excited to hit the mats and get their season off to a positive start. We are extremely happy to have these young cadets represent NYMA by bringing back a rich and proud tradition of wrestling here at the Academy.

Go Knights!!!

Academic Update (12/4)

Students in Mrs. Harrell’s Math 2 class have been learning about distance-time graphs. As a culminating experience, students had to plan their own 10-second video and create the accompanying graph.

The cadets aren’t the only ones at NYMA that play basketball. Our team of robots will soon be ready to shoot some hoops! During the building process, Cadets Maldonado and Kasujja have shown exemplary teamwork.

Students in Ms. Furnia’s Biology class are learning about plants and photosynthesis by playing “the plant game.” While she wishes she could take credit for having created this game, she is actually making use of the resources developed by the Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers. This organization has created resources to help support the education of New York students since its inception in 1989. The students had a ton of fun and became very competitive while learning.

Her Earth Science class is learning about weathering, erosion, and soil development. Their lab experience this week allowed them to model physical and chemical weathering by using sugar cubes to represent rock. The students even got creative and made a small winter wonderland with the “rocks” after all the weathering was complete.

Her Forensics class is learning about the different techniques and measurements that are enlisted by scientists to figure out how long a person has been dead. They have been practicing using qualitative data such as lividity and consideration of environmental conditions such as location, weather, and clothing. They are learning how time of death is predicted based on rigor mortis and body temperature. Students are also learning some basic forensic entomology where scientists calculate time of death by looking at insect activity in a corpse. This might be their most gruesome chapter yet!

Before Ms. Dong’s Mandarin class left for Thanksgiving, she had all of her students make thank-you cards for their families in Mandarin. Each leaf says something that they were grateful for like their families, teachers, friends, etc. This was such a beautiful and thoughtful exercise.

-Maria Reeves, Dean of Academics






Why Military School?

The New York Military Academy prides itself on the 5 aspects of its quality education:

1. A sense of place where adolescents are asked to take responsibility for themselves and their community.

2. A conservative environment where we teach students to be proud of their careful attention to detail in every aspect of their lives.

3. Experience with authentic, collaborative problem-solving every day.

4. Many opportunities for mentored leadership training in operations, entrepreneurship, discovery, learning, and creative expression.

5. A balanced approach to education which develops mind, body, and character every day.

Contact Admissions today and find out what sets our cadets apart.

Email or call (845) 534-3710, Ext. 4272         


New Athletes of the Month

Cross Country – Matthew Montes
Soccer – Jeannot Basima

Cross Country – Karif Isaacs
Soccer – Thapelo Shika
Volleyball – Saule Kaupyte

And congrats to Remy Sykes and Bill He who have been selected to the 28th Annual WNEPSSA All-Star Game for Class C/D. The game is sponsored by Sportsmen’s of Litchfield and will be held at Loomis Chaffee School on Sunday, November 11 at 10:00 am. Go Knights!!!