Winter Coat Drive

Now that the holiday season and cold weather is upon us, our project group has decided to turn its efforts towards the less fortunate. They have decided to take part in the 29th Annual New York Cares Coat Drive. NYMA is now an official drop-off location and the cadets are asking for help in donating new or slightly worn coats.

We ask that all donations be received by November 26th (which is when the students return from Thanksgiving break). It is a perfect opportunity to clean out your closets and help people in need at the same time. For more information, please visit To arrange a drop-off please contact Yvette Furnia at or 845-534-3710 x4800. Thank you!

New Makerspace: Donations Needed

A Makerspace is a collaborative workspace inside a school, library, or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring, and sharing that uses anything from high-tech to no-tech tools. A Makerspace doesn’t need to include machines; if you have cardboard, Legos, and art supplies you’re in business. It’s more of the maker mindset of creating something out of nothing and exploring your own interests that’s at the core of a Makerspace. These spaces are also helping to prepare those who need critical 21st century skills in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). They provide hands-on learning, help with critical thinking skills, and even boost self-confidence. (

Every Wednesday afternoon a group of our students will be gathering to create in our new Makerspace and we need your help to get it started! Please check out our Makerspace wish list of basic supplies below and consider donating tools or items you are no longer using (usable condition only please). Monetary donations for more specialized items would also be appreciated. To make a donation, please contact Liz Harrell at or 845-534-3710 x4864. Thank you!

Item       Quantity Requested

Hammers            1

Nails (not used)  many

Screwdriver – small flat head          1

Screwdriver – large flat head          1

Screwdriver- small phillips head    1

Screwdriver – large phillips head    1

Miter box             1

Power drill with bits           1

Hot glue gun       1

Hot glue sticks    1 pack

Elmers glue         2

Elmers glue sticks            5

Insulated wire for circuit building

Screws – all sizes              many

Plastic shoe box with lid (storage) 20

Popsicle sticks    1 box

Small wood blocks/pieces              many

Wood glue           1

Stapler and staples           1

Tape measure – retractable            1

Worx zip snip cutting tool               1

Heavy duty scissors         2

Masking tape      2 rolls

Duct tape            5 rolls

Work gloves (Small, medium, large)            5 pairs

Wire stripping tool             2

AA Battery holders for circuit building          5

9V Battery holders for circuit building

RBG LED’s (loose)           2 packs

Alligator clips for circuit building     20

Cardboard tubes 30

Cardstock            1 pack

Safety glasses/goggles     5

Soldering iron     1

Lead free solder  2

Mechanical pencils           12

Copper tape (for circuits)  1 roll

Metal shears       1

Dust masks         5

First aid kit          1

Fire extinguisher 1

Large plastic tote/box for storage   5

Paper towels       several rolls

Sharpies              5

Lighter   1

Dremel with router attachment       1

Pool noodles       5

Robotic Monster Competition!

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, Ms. Harrel’s Robotics class was tasked with creating a robotic monster. She sent all of the faculty pictures and action links so that they could judge the best robot. She was very proud of all the students and their efforts. We are pleased to announce that 8th grader Daniel Geng came in 1st place. You can check out all of the robots on Ms. Harrell’s blog,

Service Learning Update (11/11/17)

After taking a week to transition into new groups, our Wednesday Service Learning is in full swing again. Students took a trip to Butterhill Day School in Cornwall to read books to the preschoolers that they had chosen from the Cornwall Library the previous week. They will begin the process of creating their own book and ultimately make Volume 2 of the children’s anthology.

Now that the holiday season and cold weather is upon us, our project group has decided to turn its efforts towards the less fortunate. They have started a coat drive and are asking for help in donating new or slightly worn coats. You may begin sending in coats as early as this Sunday and we ask that all donations be received by November 26th (which is when the students return from Thanksgiving break). It is a perfect opportunity to clean out your closets and help people in need at the same time.

The group will also be making “blessing bags” to distribute and will be conducting fund raisers to raise money for the items they plan to fill them with. They are accepting contributions for these items as well. Their goal is to make 50 bags for distribution.  We already have fleece scarves and they would like to add socks, toiletries, and snacks. The students will be busy next week making flyers for their fundraising ideas. Rumor has it that they will be offering some raking services to their exhausted teachers…for a donation of course. Project leaders are also asking for donations of skeins of yarn that you may have around the house.

Much to the delight of our new student from Australia, cadets in the culinary group researched famous points of interest from “down under” and we were all treated to some typical Australian dishes. We hope this made him feel a little less homesick!

Although the newly appointed news group experienced a technical computer glitch, they still produced their second edition of their newsletter. We are waiting in earnest to see our next news broadcasters!

Weekly Sports Recap (11/11/17)

This week was the final week of the fall season for our athletes here at NYMA! Soccer traveled to Darrow for the playoff quarterfinals and lost by the score of 5-2. It was a great game that was played in some tough conditions due to the temperature and heavy rain. NYMA goals were scored by cadets Simon Chen and Bob Wang. The Knights finished the season 4-12-1 which was a huge improvement from last year. There is a solid young core of cadets that we hope to build around for years to come!

Cross Country had an eventful week as some of the runners took part in the Hudson Valley Athletic League B Invitational held at Faith Christian Academy this past Wednesday. Cadet Karif Isaacs came in first place overall. Isaacs also won the 11th grade division as a sophomore.  Senior cadets Zaahir Woody and Zamere McKenzie finished in 6th and 7th overall and 1st and 2nd for the senior race. Cadet Michael Yusupov finished in the top-10 for the juniors and Cadet Mickey Urso finished in 3rd for the sophomores. Cadet Michael Zelenger finished in 3rd place for the 8th grade division while Cadet Daniel Geng came in 8th. Both Zelenger and Geng ran personal bests at this event which was a great way to end their season.

The remaining runners chose to rest up and prepare both physically and mentally for the New England Championships that will be held today at Berwick Academy in Maine. Coach Gordon and the team, led by Cadet Matthew Montes and Cadet Karif Isaacs, headed to Maine yesterday after classes and hit the course this morning for the event. They will have to attend registration followed by the course walk. The actual race will start at 2:00 pm and the awards ceremony will take place afterwards at 4:00 pm. We wish our athletes the best of luck. We are so proud of all of you!

Halloween Fun at NYMA!

Last weekend’s Halloween party was attended by many cadets hungry for horror and treats! The students looked fantastic in their costumes and several of the teachers and their children made guest appearances. Later, cadets enjoyed the classic horror film, Poltergeist.

The cadets’ trip to the Corn Estate in Cornwall-on-Hudson last weekend was fantastically scary. We are happy to report that two busloads of cadets arrived safely back on campus after being frightened by local ghouls.

Most of the teachers and students wore costumes to class on Halloween. Much fun was had by all and the Mess Hall really outdid themselves at lunch with specially decorated cupcakes.

Weekly Sports Recap (11/5/17)

This week was extremely important for us here at NYMA as we hosted the Hudson Valley Athletic League Cross Country Championships as well as an important soccer game with playoff implications.

Coach Forrest Gordon worked extremely hard to make sure the cross country course was in tip-top shape. We had over 100 runners competing here this past Wednesday and had to seek help from numerous teachers and administrators as well as volunteer parents. Mr. Dolan, Mr. Roselli, and Dr. Webb helped as spotters on the course while Mrs. Larabee helped at the finish line with keeping everything in order as officials recorded times. We also had assistance from Mr. Kevin Canty, Mrs. Kristine Rahn, Mrs. Kristen Urso, and Mrs. Angelica Parker. Mr. Andrew Erickson filmed the race for us while Mrs. Jennifer Erickson and Mrs. Kristen Black organized the NYMA gear and apparel. Mr. Rich Thorn and his amazing staff helped prepare sandwich platters and nutritious snacks for the runners and coaches. Commandant Lorenzen and Superintendent Zhang helped organize the radio communication for us so that we could make sure the runners were on time and more importantly safe! We also had cadets contribute as they stationed the bathrooms and took care of traffic control. Numerous cadets also pitched in lending a hand setting up and running errands during the race.  Thank you to everyone for your help in making this big cross country race possible!

Overall, the event was a great success and the Cross Country team did NYMA proud as they finished in 3rd place out of 9 schools. The highlight of the day came when sophomore sensation Matthew Montes came in 1st place overall out of 78 male runners! All week Montes ran like a man possessed and then he showed us what true determination and hard work can accomplish. We are all so proud of him. Matthew will go on to represent NYMA in the New England Championships next Saturday. Good luck Cadet Montes!

For pictures of the championship meet at NYMA, please visit:

Facebook Album: Cross Country Conference Meet

Soccer was also in action this past Wednesday as they hosted Oakwood Friends in a game that would help determine playoff seeding. Highlights from NYMA came from Cadet Simon Chen who scored two goals. Remy Sykes and Henri Racine also had solid games for the Knights. The game resulted in a 2-2 tie and ended up being an advantage for NYMA moving into the HVAL playoffs. They were able to secure the #5 seed and will travel to take on #4 Darrow on Monday at 2:00 pm. The winner will advance to play top-seeded Storm King on Wednesday in the conference semi-finals.

Honor Rolls Announced

The first marking period has officially ended and NYMA is proud to announce the following academic honors:

Honor Roll

Joshua Antoine, Anna Bakay, Jake deBree, Brandon Fooks, Jeffrey Li, Simon Lin, Zamere McKenzie, Joseph Xu, Zhengkun Yang, Robin Zhao, Judy Zhou

High Honor Roll

Amanda Beller, Daniel Geng, Alex Huang, Nathan Kratman, Nigel Petti-Fernandez, David Pinto-Ricardo, Adam Sun, Mandy Wang

Great job cadets!

Service Learning Update (10/29/17)

The Book Group’s completed book is currently at the publisher, but that didn’t stop the authors from taking their finished product on the road to read to the toddlers at the Arc of Learning in New Windsor.

The Service Project Group completed the gazebo this week and it looks absolutely amazing. The group also decorated the Social Center for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

The Culinary Group took everyone on a tour of India.  The cadets were treated to a delicious Indian meal that consisted of chicken tikka masala, vegetable basmati rice, aloo palaak (potato in a spinach sauce), Indian spiced cauliflower soup, naan bread, and mango lassi for dessert. Everyone learned all sorts of interesting facts about India and the students shared maps that they had made of the area.

The News Group veered from their usual serious news broadcast to bring everyone a “Saturday Night Live” version. They also produced a spoof version of the written newsletter as their finale.

This coming Wednesday, our service learning groups will be rotating to their next experiences. We are looking forward to another creative, productive, and informative round of service learning at NYMA!

First Marking Period Closes

The first marking period closed this past Wednesday and teachers will be busy grading all of the last assessments over this weekend. Grades are due to Ms. Madaia by Monday and we will be posting grade reports to Rediker by Wednesday.