Sykes Named Athlete of the Week

Don’t let the shy and soft-spoken sophomore sensation fool you. He lets his game do all the talking as he helps lead his team to victory and causes havoc on the HVAL and NEPSAC. Sophomore Remy Sykes has been on a tear so far this year on the soccer field and has been selected as the MVP for most of the games. However, this young student athlete is all about winning and the TEAM! Please take a few minutes to get to know Cadet Remy Sykes.

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Soccer vs. Woodstock Day School (10/5/17)

On Wednesday, October 5th, the NYMA soccer team traveled to Saugerties for a game against Woodstock Day School. It was a great game with the Knights earning the victory by a score of 2-1. Both teams played with discipline on defense and patience on offense. All players were extremely respectful of one another, showing great sportsmanship. NYMA was led by Leo Baitao who scored both goals. Additional highlights came from Nigel Petti-Fernandez, Remy Sykes, and Henri Racine. This weekend the Knights are back in action traveling to Marvelwood for a HVAL game. Their record is now 2-3 in league play and 3-3 overall.

Soccer Recap (9/23 – 9/27/17)

On 9/23 the NYMA soccer team hit the road for the first time this season as they traveled to Darrow. Although missing some players, the cadets held their own and tried their best. Weather conditions were harsh on both teams with the intense heat. The final score was 6-0 Darrow. The Knights had many chances to score, but could not pull through in the end. Everyone put forth full effort and maintained their composure. This was our second loss to a very tough Darrow team. The NYMA Player of the Game was Cadet Remy Sykes.

On 9/25 NYMA played host to Harvey School on what would be one of the hottest days of the year. The Knights played a very well-disciplined game and did an outstanding job at every position. Although Harvey proved to be the more experienced team, our cadets kept their cool and did their best. They did a much better job focusing as a team and their communication has improved tremendously! The final score was 3-0 Harvey. The game ended early due to an unfortunate arm injury sustained by a Harvey player. Cadet Remy Sykes continued his stellar play and was selected as the NYMA Player of the Game by both coaches once again. At the end of the game, NYMA was 1-2 in league play and 1-3 overall.

On 9/27 the NYMA soccer team took a trip to the other side of the river for a HVAL game vs. Oakwood Friends Academy. The Knights came home with the win as the final score was 1-0. A huge reason for the cadet’s success was attributed to their overall cooperation and teamwork. NYMA’s defense was also outstanding as they defended against a number of good shots. The player of the game was once again Cadet Remy Sykes, but Sykes’ teammates provided some highlights with great plays coming from Nigel Petti-Fernandez, Brandon Fooks, and Simon Chen. Cadet Chen scored the only goal of the game which proved to be just what the Knights needed to bring home the victory. We are all so proud of the cadets for trying their hardest and playing with respect! The members of the soccer team and Athletic Department would like to thank Ms. Christina Canary from the Admissions Department for volunteering to chaperone. The Knights are now 2-2 in the HVAL and 2-3 overall. They will load the bus once more for another road game this Saturday as they travel to Kent, Connecticut to take on Marvelwood.