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Since 1889

Founded in 1889, the New York Military Academy provides both discipline and a solid education putting it “One Step Ahead.”  A NYMA education develops  a cadet’s mind, body, and character for continued education and leadership.  The Academy, the center of learning, with its etymology dating back to Ancient Greece, instills a solid education.  The curriculum individually laid out for each cadet, charts the course of instruction.  This education is interlocked with military discipline, which provides the Cadets of the Corps beneficial training for life beyond the Academy’s walls.  Cadets leave the Academy orderly, prompt, courteous, and self-confident.  It is our Military Academy  that puts NYMA graduates “One Step Ahead.”

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The mission of the New York Military Academy is to develop out cadets in mind, body, character; to prepare them for further education and to be effective leaders and responsible citizens.  Inherent in this mission are our four pillars of success:

The NYMA Advantage

The New York Military Academy offers a unique high school program that combines academic, physical, and a leadership program that builds character within a highly structured and challenging 24/7 military environment. NYMA is for those who have a vision for their future and the courage to do the work it takes to reach their goals.

131 Years of Teaching Leaders