Welcome to New York Military Academy, where young people have been finding a sense of personal pride and purpose for over 125 years.   Our students come to us from across the globe as 7th through 12th graders, either as boarding students or day students, and leave as graduates of a premier college-preparatory institution who are inspired, engaged and ready for the future.

Since its inception in 1889, New York Military Academy has been providing the members of its Corps of Cadets with real opportunities to thrive, to see themselves as something more than just faces in a crowd, but rather as important members of a vibrant community, connected to each other in ways that really matter.

Our Founders believed that the military model provides the kind of structure learners need to truly excel academically.   We have learned since then that the structure of the military model can have even more far-reaching effects on young learners:  it can bind them together as a cohesive unit and give them a sense of belonging;  it can strip away their prejudices and teach them to see each other with new eyes;  it can offer them a vision of moving up in the world which naturally springs from leaving their insecurities and self-doubts behind.  In short, the NYMA structured environment produces well-rounded, well-educated youngsters who believe in themselves – young people who are truly set apart for excellence.

Connections in the Classroom:   At NYMA, our cadets attend small classes designed to provide them with the kind of personalized attention that produces confident life-long learners.  The discipline of the Corps extends into our classrooms, making them places of focused learning where our world-class faculty offer a 21st century curriculum, the primary purpose of which is to prepare our cadets for acceptance into college and the rigors of higher education.

Connections on the Playing Field:    The athletic program at NYMA further extends the lessons learned via membership in the Corps of Cadets, providing our cadets with the opportunities they need to develop a sense of fair play and sportsmanship and a real-world understanding of the value and power of teamwork, traits that serve them well in later life, both on and off the playing field.

Connections in JROTC:   Participation in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program teaches our cadets essential skills for future success such as self-discipline, self-confidence, time management, task prioritization, and honorable decision-making.  Our JROTC system also serves as a reward and promotion mechanism that motivates cadets to do their best in everything they undertake at the Academy.

While there is absolutely no military service obligation associated with attending NYMA, many young men and women attend NYMA because our JROTC program has the unique authority to grant nominations to the United States Service Academies by virtue of its JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction status.  Graduates of NYMA are also especially well prepared as candidates for four-year Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) college scholarships.

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