Below is a list of books in the NYMA Authors Collection written by New York Military Academy alumni, faculty and staff. If you are a published author and an NYMA alumnus or former member of the faculty and staff and would like to donate copies of your books for the collection, please contact the archivist.

 Author  Title
Arnold, William ’57 Emily Dickinson’s Secret Love: Mystery “Master” Behind    Poems
Bee, Clair (former Athletic Director) The Bee-Norton Basketball Series:
Science of Coaching
Basketball Fundamentals and Techniques
Individual and Team Basketball Drills
Man-to-Man Defense and Attack
Zone Defense and Attack
Chip Hilton Series:
Backboard Fever
Buzzer Basket
Championship Ball
Clutch Hitter!
Comeback Cagers
Dugout Jinx
Fence Busters
Fourth Down Showdown
Freshman Quarterback
Hardcourt Upset
Home Run Feud
Hoop crazy
Hungry Hurler
A Pass and a Prayer
Pay-Off Pitch
Pitchers’ Duel
Strike Three!
Ten Seconds to Play!
Touchdown Pass
Tournament Crisis
Make the Team in Basketball
Winning Basketball Plays
Bonomo, Joe ’19 The Strongman: A True Life
Buchwald, Donald (former teacher) Birds in the Squirrel Feeder
Craft, Robert ’41 An Improbable Life
Dingley, Nelson III (former cadet and NYMA superintendent) New York Military Academy, 1889-1961; with Supplement    1961-1968
Eaton, Roy, Jr. ’65 The Chosen Few
Soldier Boy
Fisher, Ilan ’64 The Carnie Kid Tells All
Hadley, Alvan C. Jr. ’42 (former superintendent) The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the    United States (AMCSUS) and the Struggle for the    Survival of Military Preparatory Schools in America
Hagen, John (former chaplain) Hearts at Attention
Harvey, Basil (former cadet) Growing Pains; An Autobiography
Hering, Edward T. (former teacher & Headmaster) Balderdash
New York Military Academy; the First Hundred Years
Hough, Frank O. ’20 The Campaign on New Britian
The Island War; the United States Marine Corps in the    Pacific
Jimenez Velazquez, Jose ’29 Doscientos Años de Uniformes Militares Venezolanos
Kelly, Galen G. ’65 The Rasputin Club
Kennedy, Rod ’62 The Brooklyn Cookbook
Lost New York in Old Postcards
Loomis, James Lee 1897 Notes of a Native New Englander
McIntosh, Sandy ’66 Firing Back: Power Strategies for Cutting the Best Deal
Reilly, H. V. Pat ’43 From the Balloon to the Moon: A Chronology of New    Jersey’s Amazing Aviation History
Roberts, Francis J.(former superintendent) The Click Book
The Relations Between Democracy, Development and    Security: Implications for Policy
Scott, Rebecca ’91 A Fine Kind of Madness: Ronnie Scott Remembered
Sedelow, Walter A. Jr. ’45 Language Research and the Computer
Tate, Arthur W., Jr.(former superintendent) The Development and Evaluation of a Model for Teacher    Reflection
Trump, Donald ’64 The America We Deserve
Trump: the Art of the Deal
Tyler, Orville Z. ’26 Quatrain
Sweet Land of Liberty
Weiser, Herbert D. (former teacher) The Tragedy of Coriolanus by William Shakespeare    [edited, with introduction and notes by H. D. Weiser]
Wells, James B. ’29 Episode in Zamboanga
Official Memories
Zauder, David ’51 Trumpet and Cornet Embouchure and Technique Studies