Events for the year listed below.
       Important Dates and Events for 2017-2018



June 24th – August 13th Summer Programs
August 16th Cadet Leaders Arrive – LDS
August 21st Teachers Report
August 21st New Cadets Arrive – In process
August 21st – August 27th New Cadet Training
August 25th Returning Cadets – Orientation
August 27th Nighttime Convocation
August 28th Start 1st Semester
September 27th Interim Marking Period I
September 29th Interim Marking Period I Grades
October 7th –  9th Three Day Weekend
October 25th End Marking Period I
November 21st Interim Marking Period II
November 22nd – 26th Thanksgiving Furlough
December 20th End Marking Period II
Dec 21st – January 3rd Winter Furlough
January 4th – 8th Review / Closed Weekend
January 8th – 11th Exams – Electives First
January 12th Expeditionary Learning
Jan 13th – Jan 15th Three Day Weekend
January 16th Start 2nd Semester
Feb 16th Interim Marking Period III Grades
Feb 17th – 19th Three Day Weekend
March 16th End Marking Period III
March 17th – April 2nd Spring Furlough
April 3rd Start Marking Period IV
May 1st Interim Marking Period IV
May 29th End Marking Period IV
May 29th – June 3rd Review / Closed Weekend
June 4th – June 7th Exams
June 8th Awards Ceremony
June 9th Graduation